What Do Your Toes Discover About Your Life? 




Over thousands of years, in India and China, there is a practice for reading from feet. People in these countries believe that feet are the mirror of the rest of your body.

If you have any diseases, calluses or leg pain, they suggest some other part of your body.

Moreover, it is also believed that the mind and the body are connected, and the psychological issues can be reflected as physical diseases and pains.

But, is that true?

The reflexologist Jane Sheehan is certain that legs speak about people, ranging from the function of their digestive system, even up to the status of their love relationship.

This reflexologist discovers what your feet tell about you:


People with big thumb, and other small toes, are smart and creative.

These people see things from different perspectives, but also they often have issues with focusing on the main point, therefore, they do not realize the real problem.

On the contrary, if your thumb is small, it means that you are able for multitasking. You are very effective and efficient.

Third toe

If the third toe on the foot is relatively long, it means that people are energetic and genius, especially when it comes to work. These people aspire to perfection and they can achieve a lot in their lives.

The negative thing at these people is that they are very obsessive and dedicated to work, and that can distance them from the love and from the family.

Unlike them, people with shorter middle foot toe – they enjoy life. They are relaxed and moderate.

Fourth toe

People with straight and longer fourth toe are very connected to their family, which is most important for them, but if the toe is a little twisted, it means that these people have a lot of problems with their closest ones.

People with short fourth toe focus on other things; family is not very important to them.

Little toe

People who can separate their little tor from its neighbor, they are adventurous, charming and impulsive. Those who cannot do this are very loyal and principled people.

Size ordered toes

If your toes are perfectly ordered by their size, it means that you are precise, very practical and methodical person. You always finish what you have started!