Very Easy Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones!



Do you know the other name for kidney stone in medical terms? It’s also called nephrolithiasis. Normally we know it to be forming in our kidneys. But it can also form in our urinary tract. So why does it form? It forms for two reasons: 1) there is diminution in our urine volume; 2) There is increase development in substances that form stone within our urine.

What are kidney stones?

They are tiny hard deposits comprising of mineral and acid salts. Even though you may suffer from extreme pain at times, these stones will not cause any kind of permanent damage. However, you should be careful and take action initially. Otherwise, they can cause blockage of the urinary track. There is also a good chance that kidneys tones can complicate things in the future.

It is also possible that a surgery may be required for removing stones, especially if they are formed in your urinary tract.

But there is a natural ingredient that can be used for preparing medications for curing small kidney stones. You should use apple cider vinegar for these medications. When used in time, you can avoid painful surgeries and the nasty side effects that come with the use of drugs.

You must have doubts about whether apple cider vinegar (ACV) can actually help in treating kidney stones?

This guide will provide you valuable insights into how ACV is powerful in not only treating kidney stones but also in preventing it.

Breaking Down Stone Forming Tissues

We all know that ACV has acidic properties. So its acidity causes the breakdown of the hard tissue that causes the formation of kidney stones. Thus, it can not only help in curing the problem, it also prevents its reoccurrence.

Flushing Out Harmful Toxins

ACV flushes out harmful toxins from our body. This works as a preventive function that doesn’t allow kidney stones to form in the first place.


Promoting Digestion

Consuming ACV is also great for your overall digestive process. How it works is by smoothening the digestive process. Our digestive system depends on hydrochloric acid, and ACV will smooth out its creation because of its alkalinizing effect. So there is control over the formation of acid in our body, leading to a stronger body where kidney stone formation is no longer possible.

Dissolving Kidney Stones

Another way ACV works is because of its acidic nature. It will dissolve the tiny kidney stones. And once dissolved, the stones will pass through your urine.

So now that you know the kidney-stone preventative and breaking-down benefits of ACV, you must be thinking how you can use it.

Here is how you can use this cure.

1. ACV & Water

If you are looking for the easiest way to use ACV as a remedy for kidney stones, this is it!

Ingredients required:

– Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) – 2 tbsp

– Water – 8 oz.


– Put all the organic ACV in the entire water.

– Then stir properly and drink.

– The remedy should be taken once daily.

– If you don’t want kidney stones to reoccur, the remedy should be taken 1-2 times per week.


One of the keys to flushing out toxins is to drink lots of water. So don’t be the miser when it comes to drinking water.


2. ACV, Baking Soda & Water

When ACV and baking soda are mixed together, you will get a great medicine for kidney stones. While ACV has its own set of alkalizing effects, baking soda further contributes to the equation. This will result in faster removal of acid from your body. It is to be noted that acid is the primary cause behind formation of kidney stones.

What ingredients are required for this remedy?

– Apple cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons

– Baking soda – 1/2 tablespoons

– Water – 1 glass


– Take the 1 glass water and add all the baking soda and ACV into it.

– Mix them well and you can drink the solution readily.

– The medicine should be taken 2 times a day for eliminating kidney stones.

3. ACV & Honey Treatment for Kidney Stones

When honey is added to ACV, it brings amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties. Besides, you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful taste of honey.

Ingredients required:

– Apple cider vinegar – 1 tablespoon

– Honey – 2 tablespoons


– Mix together the honey and ACV.

– If you want to remove kidney stones, make sure that you are drinking this remedy 2-3 times per day.

– There is another way you can drink this remedy. All you have to do is to put the ACV and honey mixture into 1 glass water. It can also help in treating kidney stones.


4. ACV, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Vinegar & Water

We all know that lemon juice has acidic properties. But when you consume it, it works in the opposite way. it will decrease the urine’s acidity levels. And this function is greatly beneficial for preventing kidney stone formation.

Lemon ahs another great property that makes it good for our kidneys. It helps in preventing further bacterial growth because of its natural antiseptic properties. It will maintain your body’s hydration and help in eliminating toxins.

The ingredients required are:

– ACV – 1 tablespoon

– Organic olive oil

– Lemon juice

– Water – 24 ounces


– Take a bowl and put lemon juice and olive oil into it, and mix well.

– Drink it and then follow it up with around 12 ounces of water.

– Wait for 1/2 hour and then squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon into the remaining water.

– Add the ACV into this lemon water and mix thoroughly.

– You should be drinking it every 1/2 hour for removing kidney stones.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar, Water & Coconut Oil Remedy

Coconut oil is such a rich food and has been used for so many health benefits including skin and hear problems. But it can also be used for treating kidney stones. You can also consume it for dissolving your kidney stones.

The ingredients required are as following:

– Apple cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons

– Coconut oil – 2 tablespoons

– Warm water – 16 oz.


– Take the 1 glass warm water and add the ACV and coconut oil into it.

– Make sure that all these ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Then you can drink it.

– Keep drinking the remedy on a regular basis until you are fully cured of the kidney stones.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda & Honey

You will need the following ingredients for this remedy:

– Apple cider vinegar – 1 Oz.

– Baking soda – 1/2 tbsp

– Honey


– Simply mix t ACV, baking soda and honey and your remedy is ready.

You can start drinking it to get rid of the kidney stones.

7. ACV Poultice

The best thing about apple cider vinegar is that it can benefit against kidney stones, not only when you drink it, it can also be used topically to get relief from the associated pain.

The required ingredients for this topical application are:

– Apple cider vinegar – 3 tablespoon

– Water – 3 tablespoon

– Washcloth


– Add apple cider vinegar into water and heat.

– Take the washcloth and soak it and put it on the place where the kidney stones are causing pain.

– Allow the washcloth to remain there until it gets cool.

– Do this 2 to 3 times daily to get relief from the pain.

Extra Tips for Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The following tips will help you in both eliminating kidney stones and preventing them.

– ACV should always be used in diluted form. If it’s not diluted, it is capable of burning your throat or mouth. It is also capable of damaging the teeth enamel. So how much should you dilute it? It should be diluted in 1 to 10 ratio in water.

– Once you have taken apple cider vinegar, make sure that your mouth is washed properly.

– It is always recommended to choose only extra-virgin, raw and unpasteurized ACV for preparing these remedies for high level of effectiveness.

– Avoid the use of ACV if you have gout, otherwise the associated pain can increase.

– Make sure that you consult with a doctor before ACV is used in case you have any kind of disease.

– As already mentioned above, always use drink plenty of water when using ACV for treating kidney stones. It will help in keeping your body hydrated, thus preventing further reoccurrence.

– ACV can be a part of your daily salad too. This will work as a great condiment for preventing reoccurrence.

– Stop caffeinated drinks for preventing the reoccurrence of kidney stones.

– You should start taking healthy diet with low levels of sodium and fat and high amount of fiber for preventing recurrence in future.

The above-mentioned apple cider vinegar remedies are recommended for use for those who have their kidney stones in the beginning stages or those who have small stones. But you should see a doctor if you are suffering acute pain or if you don’t notice any improvements from these home remedies, to determine the precise reason and for medication.



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