The Best Drink Against Constipation – Folk Remedy



The best drink against constipation that can be prepared with only two ingredients – folk remedy against constipation that you can make by yourself at home.

Probably everyone has experienced constipation, diarrhea, or stomach bloating. Millions of people worldwide, out of which three quarters are women, suffer from constipation, but that problem is most often silenced, whether because of being shame or because of the opinion that it cannot be solved.

Constipation can cause other, very unpleasant rectum diseases, damage to the lining of the anal canal, colon ulcers and often hemorrhoids. This creates a closed circle due to which the situation is only getting worse. Constipation can be occasional or it can become chronic issue, if lasts for more than six weeks.  Constipation is often followed by fatigue, because the body cannot get rid of the toxins in the intestines. When the intestines content flow is slowed down, intestines lining take longer to absorb the water, thus resulting in constipation.

One or two smooth stools, neither solid nor watery, per day is considered regular stool.  Such regular stool would be very good for everyone, but in today conditions of dieting that is not possible.

Everybody having chronic constipation issue, Mahalo recommends the following natural drink:

Ingredient necessary for the preparation of folk remedy against constipation:

– 1 bunch of fresh spinach leaves

– 2-3 dl  yogurt

Preparation of the folk remedy against constipation:

Choose quality, fresh spinach.

Remove the stalk from the leaves and wash the leaves thoroughly.

Put the leaves into a blender.

Add 2-3 dl yogurt.

Mix it well.

Take one glass of this drink in the morning and in the evening.

This will stimulate your digestive system to regular work.

Try it. It is easy to make and beneficial for the entire body – and it really works.