How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells And How To Prepare It

  Scientific study in Japan has suggested that alkaline water is effective in detoxifying the body and destroying cancerous cells. This claim by Japanese scientists is of importance to everyone around the world and particularly in the West which has the highest prevalence of cancer cases. Japan is also ... read more

Make Complete Detox For One Night

  Enjoying hot bath after the hardworking day help for relaxation and relieve from tensions throughout the day. Stress is the main cause to blame for many diseases; therefore reduction of the level of stress is of particular importance for the general health of one person. If you have ... read more

Banana – Simple Solution For 5 Problems

  Banana is a very beneficial fruit. Besides being nutritious, it is proven that it also removes symptoms for which we usually use pills. 1. BLOAT AND CONSTIPATION Banana is a fruit that contains pectin, which accelerates food digestion and assists the discharge of toxin and heavy metals from ... read more

Folk Remedy Against Sclerosis Based On Honey 

  As a help to those suffering from brain vessels sclerosis, they can be recommended mixture of honey and onion, 1:1. One tablespoon, two times a day should be consumed – in the morning and in the evening, during the course of two months. Results will not be left ... read more