This Is What Your Farts Reveal about Your Health


I bet you probably didn’t know that your farts say a lot about the state of your health. When you have smelly farts it actually means you may have eaten a meal that was high in sulfur such as meat, eggs, Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, broccoli and almonds.

These foods are rich in sulfur and can cause smelly farts but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be eaten, you can however reduce your intake of these foods if you want to have less smelly farts.

Your gut have microbes that can cause bloating and gas buildup, the microbes aid digestion  and are therefore important to your body when they are deprived carbohydrates it becomes extremely difficult for them to continue to survive in your gut.

Farts basically mean that your digestive system is functioning properly and it is estimated that the average person farts about fourteen times daily. When you eat or drink water you also take in some air, this air combined with the gas generated by the microbes in your lower intestine then produce farts.

Horrible smelling farts do not always indicate that you are consuming a healthy balanced diet; it could also be a sign of lactose intolerance. Dairy products like milk and cheese have lactose which your body basically cannot breakdown and this would lead to smelly farts.

Smelly farts could also be indicative of more serious problems such as, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastroenteritis and celiac disease.

If you fart more than twenty two times daily then it could mean that you are eating something that is allowing more air into your gut. It is not a serious problem but can be an embarrassing one. If you drink fizzy drinks, coffee, carbonated beverages and you eat a lot of carbohydrates then you are likely to be prone to having farts.

Also if you eat your food really fast or you are a vegetarian and frequently on a veggie diet then you are also likely to have more farts daily. This is because you are trapping more air in your guts when you eat quickly and veggies are difficult to breakdown.

So if you are trying to reduce your smelly fats then you can limit your intake of sulfur rich foods like meat (pork or beef) and eggs. You can try other alternatives like chicken, turkey and fish.

You should also try chewing your food properly before you swallow as it will help your body to breakdown the food better. You should also avoid rushing your food when you eat.

Take more organic fruits and veggies if you want to have regular bowel movement as they are natural laxatives. You can also include garlic, sassafras and peppermint in your daily diet to help curb rumbling in your stomach and gas buildup.



Source: My I Life Style