The Things You Can Do with Lemon Peels and Juice



Lemons are very rich in vitamin C and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

This fruit has been grown in Florida- America since the 16th century.

Christopher Columbus brought this fruit along with him as it was taken aboard his ship to provide his sailors with a regular supply of vital C in order to combat the problem of scurvy which was a sailors major health concerns those days.

This fruit has several uses and here are some;

For cooking:

– Prevent clumpy rice by adding some lemon to your rice while it’s boiling, your rice will not clump together.

– You can put lemon juice in your ice tray refrigerate and make lemon cubes which you can add to your favourite drinks for extra flavour.

– Add lemon in cold water and soak your fruits and vegetables in the lemon-water to prevent browning.

– You can use lemon juice as a substitute to sour cream, all you need to do is add your lemon juice to whipped cream and leave it for 30 minutes to sit and it’s ready.

In improving your health:

– Reduce mucous buildup and relieve your cough by sipping hot lemon-water with raw natural honey.

– Boost your immune system by drinking lemon-water. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will work wonders for your health.

– Gargle warm lemon-water first thing in the morning and last thing at night to get relief for your sore throat.

– If you have skin rash apply lemon juice topically using a cotton ball.

– If you have swelling due to insect bites the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon juice will ease the swelling, just apply the juice topically to the bite using a cotton ball.

It will enhance your beauty:

– Use a cotton swab of lemon juice on freckles and age spots and see the improvement in no time.

– Use a combination of sugar, olive oil, Raw Natural honey and lemon juice as a facial and body scrub to exfoliate the dead cells from your face and body.

– Apply lemon juice to your face twice daily to fight acne. Just leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with cool clean water.

– When you mix coconut oil with lemon juice you get a very good moisturizer. You can hydrate your skin and leave it bright and radiant always.

Use lemon in cleaning:

– When you use a combination of vinegar, water, baking soda, lemon and lemon essential oil you will get an effective multi- purpose cleaner.

– Lemon will remove grease and grime from your windows easily, just combine it with cornstarch and water and see the results on your windows.

– Lemon juice will take care of hard water stains. Rub the lemon juice on faucets or shower fixtures and it works like a charm.

– Use lemon juice along with olive oil, to make an effective furniture polish, use with a soft cloth to clean.


Excellent deodorizer:

– You can make your own room freshener by just adding lemon peels, lemon cloves and cinnamon sticks to a pot of simmering water.

– You can remove harsh odours from your hands, such as that from garlic, just add some lemon juice when washing your hands with soap.

– Your breathe will be freshened when you drink lemon-water, but always rinse your mouth with plain water as lemon juice is acidic and can damage your teeth.

For your laundry:

– Get rid of underarm stains using lemon juice. Just pour lemon juice to the stain then add salt rub this lemon and salt to the stain then rinse properly.

– Lemon gets grease stains off your linen in no time, just mix lemon juice and vinegar then apply to the grease stains, leave it for some minutes them rinse.

– Soak your white linens in hot water and lemon juice and then rinse and wash as you would normally do.

– Spray lemon juice to your white canvas and leave in the sun to dry, it will come out bright as new.

Other uses of lemon:

– Take lemon peels to your backyard fence and sprinkle them at the perimeter, it will ward off dogs and cats, they can’t stand it’s scent.

– Rub a combination of baking soda and lemon to the fur of your pet to remove stains. Leave for about 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

– You can spray lemon juice (undiluted) to spots where ants get into your home. It will repel them, you can also mop your floor with lemon water to repel cockroaches.

Aromatherapy treatment to combat stress

– Lemon essential oils in small quantities can be used in aromatherapy, it will relieve you of your stress and help you relax and sleep well.

– You can add some drops of lemon essential oil to hot water that has been poured into a bucket.

– Sit over the bucket and cover your head with a towel while you inhale the vapour.

– Your cold and catarrh will be relieved as well, but most importantly you will feel relaxed immediately.