How to Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick or Tired Again



It is important that we learn how to detoxify our organs to ensure that we are fit and well at all times.

There are seven vital organs that need to be detoxified regularly for us to remain healthy.

Let’s take a look at these organs and how to detoxify them.


Detoxify your liver by taking carrots, beets, vegetables, apples, grapefruits and garlic.

Fried foods especially weaken your liver, so avoid them as much as possible.


Eat food rich in fibre, eat vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. Your gallbladder is essential for digestion and works with your liver.

Avoid foods that are high in sugar and fats like processed foods.


Your blood is not an organ but because it is responsible for conveying oxygen, minerals and vitamins to all your organs it is important that it is detoxified regularly. You can cleanse your blood using blood cleansers such as: Red clover, Chaparral, Burdock root, Poke root, Yellow dock root, Goldenseal root, Oregon grape root, Bloodroot, Mistletoe, Cayenne, Sheep sorrel and Cat’s claw. These herbs are effective in detoxifying your blood.


Just like blood it is not an organ but by keeping your lymph detoxified you will help keep your skin glowing bright and healthy. Drink plenty of water and stay clear of processed foods to be able to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.


Your hormones are regulated by this organ. To avoid imbalance in your hormones as well as other health conditions it is important that you detoxify your pancreas you can do that by following these simple steps;

– Try water and lemon juice in the morning. A glass of lemon juice and warm water in the morning is good enough for your pancreas. Pineapples, papaya juice and kiwi are also good.

– A hot shower or bath will work wonders for your pancreas.

– Try and maintain a stress free lifestyle as much as possible, this will help you maintain a good hormonal level and keep your pancreas from being intoxicated.


The kidneys help to get rid of waste and other toxins through a filtration process from your blood stream. You can take juices like lemon, cranberry and beet juice to help detoxify your kidneys.



You can detoxify your colons by reducing inflammation and stomach irritability in the following ways:

– Take fresh fennel seed, ginger root and cayenne fruit as they will help to cleanse your colon. Ginger will reduce any inflammation in your intestinal tract while the cayenne can relieve you of constipation and stomach aches while fennel eliminates gas in your stomach.

It is important to note that your intestinal health is vital if you want to avoid digestive issues such as hemorrhoids, Chrohn’s disease and constipation.



Source: Family Life Goals