Red Alert: If You See This On Your Nails Immediately Visit A Doctor!



Many people have white dots or stains on their nail and never take them seriously. In fact, most of the time the cause is underlying bubbles.

These white patches are known as leukonychia. Besides the under-nail bubbles, they can be caused due to many reasons. Another common reason is some kind of minor injuries at the nail’s base.

Sometimes they are inherited. Other times they may be signs of some kind of medical problems.

If you see these white patches, you should not take them lightly and should immediately visit a doctor.

These white spots can be caused due to reasons like fungus or onychomycosis, eczema, psoriasis, or warts. These conditions can also affect your nails. In fact, white spots can also be a sign that you have sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis can be detected by 7 signs and white spots are one of them. It is a disease affecting your lungs, skin and various organs.

If you notice that your nail has both white specks and is soft, it indicates Plummer nail. This condition may also indicate hyperthyroidism.

If you detect the line when it is at the lower part of the nail, you have noticed it during the early stages.

The problem can be even more serious than you think!

White Horizontal Lines

If you notice white horizontal lines on the nail surface, don’t take it for granted and ignore it. It can be a sign of problems like cardiac arrest, leprosy, malaria or Hodgkin’s disease.

If there are 2 white horizontal narrow stripes on multiple nails (even if on one nail), it could be due to hypoalbuminemia. This condition means that your blood has lower level of albumin protein. You should take these two stripes seriously and visit a doctor.

These lines and hypoalbuminemia can further cause many acute and chronic medical conditions, many of them life threatening. They include:

– Liver cirrhosis

– Kidney disease

– Heart failure

And many other conditions including irregular diet problems!

However, you don’t have to worry most of the time because it can also be caused due to other reasons like some injury or as an inflammatory response towards an infection.

If you notice any kind of changes in your nails, you should be serious about them. Your nails are connected to your health. Make sure to check their condition regularly to keep your health protected.



Source: Health Advisor Group

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