Banana Cinnamon Tea Recipe for Deep Sleep (Works Better Than Sleeping Pills)



If you are having trouble sleeping then you are going to do your body more harm than good.

Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day for it to properly recover from the stress both physical and mental that it had been subjected to during the day.

Taking pills to help you sleep, while some have proved effective, it is still a chemical substance that you would be shoving down your throat with adverse side effects in both the short and long run.

There are natural ways of combating restlessness, sleeplessness and insomnia.

Try the banana-cinnamon tea

Banana has magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is great as it helps you to fight sleeplessness and potassium will provide a relaxation of your muscles which will lead to you falling asleep easily.

It is important however that you bear in mind that your banana must be 100% organic and not Genetically modified (GMO) because the latter has harmful pesticides on its peel that can be dangerous to your health when ingested since as you will discover you will be required to eat the banana peel in this recipe.


– Organic banana – 1

– A small pot of clean water

– Cinnamon – a pinch


– First, chop off both ends of the banana.

– Place the pot of water on a stove and heat.

– Put the banana in the pot of boiling water with its peel intact.

– Boil the banana for approximately 10 minutes.

– Use a sieve or colander to pour the water into a mug.

– You can add a dash of cinnamon in the tea.

– Take this tea one hour before you go to bed.

– You can also eat the boiled banana, nothing goes to waste, you can sprinkle some cinnamon over it for added taste.

Sleeping pills are bad for you

Sleeping pills are classified as sedative hypnotics as they induce you into a sleep state by treating anxiety problems by increasing drowsiness in a person. These drugs can be highly addictive such as Valium and Xanax.

Sleeping pills as said earlier are highly addictive and they may also cause the following;

– General weakness

– Constant shaking

– Light headed or dizziness

– Stomach aches

– Concentration and memory problems

– Frequent constipation

– And parasomnias ( this is where you do things without even knowing that you have done such)

– Irregular breathing, so if you have respiratory issues like asthma, sleeping pills can be harmful to you

Insomnia is bad for you

Sleeping less and less will keep you lethargic always. It will make you weak, lack sufficient energy to do simple daily tasks.

Your concentration level will be depleted and you are more likely to forget things too.

You need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday so try taking this banana-cinnamon tea today for a much more sound sleep.



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