You Have Only 10 Seconds: This is How You Will Save Your Life in Case of Heart Attack!



It takes only about 10 seconds for a person to become unconscious if the person has a heart attack as the persons heart rate begins to beat irregularly.

If you suspect you are about to have a heart attack then you can save yourself by coughing.

How can coughing save your life?


Coughing has been verified by doctors to save the life of heart attack victims but it should be done right.

– If you feel you are about to have a heart attack you should start coughing continuously and energetically.

– You need to breathe in very deeply and cough as hard as possible so as to cough out secretion buildup.

– Continue breathing in and energetically coughing every two seconds. You should do this until medical help arrives.

– By breathing in deeply your oxygen intake increases, also by coughing energetically you put pressure on your heart, this will help maintain good circulation of blood and a regular heartbeat.


Learn this technique and take it seriously as it very well could save your life. Remember cough energetically as the coughing puts pressure on your heart and helps it beat normally and take deep breaths to increase your oxygen intake.



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