23 Research-Backed, Science-Proven, Evidence-Based Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits



Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one ingredient that has endless number of properties of great restorative types. Its benefits are not just limited to improving so many physical diseases. It has also been used for a long time in so many DIY applications and for cleaning purposes.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best cleaners you can use and it doesn’t cost you much. At the same time it can be added to your tea, water, or salad to get a rejuvenating punch. It will also offer you so many medical benefits.

Vinegar Origins

The earliest use of vinegar for restorative purposes can be seen as far back as in 5,000 BC in Babylonia. Its name ‘vinegar’ originates from the French word, “vin aigre”, which stands for “sour wine.” It is believed to be found by a Babylonian courtier. During the 18th century, MD’s were using it as multi-purpose treatment for stomachache, dropsy and diabetes (source).

Even Columbus carried ACV in barrels on his vessels to prevent scurvy in his men. It was also used during the Civil War for purifying wounds. The Japanese Samurais used to drink it for force and quality.

Even Hippocrates was using vinegar for treating up to 17 different conditions that included ulcers and fractures (Source).

When you compare ACV with the commercial cleaning products, you will find it to be moderate. It has an amazing odor. If you add 2 drops of hoodlums oil, the mixture can be used as a great antibacterial shower to deodorize surfaces like carpets and countertops and areas like the kitchen and restroom.

Hair Rinsing with ACV

More and more people are using baking soda and ACV for rinsing their hair. While baking soda works as the cleanser, vinegar is used as a conditioner. It is not costly like commercial shampoos and conditioners and leaves your hair so delicate.

ACV also has the ability to adjust pH levels. There are reports that say that it can help in improving delicate quality, split down, and sparkle in your hair compared to other products.

Fighting Dandruff & Thinning Hair with ACV

ACV has high level of acidity. It also has powerful compounds. They can destroy microbes that cause hair loss and dandruff. It fights bacilli and causes the normal hair oils to release in sufficient amounts and to saturate the scalps more effectively. You should also use coconut oil for a highly effective dry scalp treatment.

You can soak your scalp with vinegar and leave it for 2 hours. It can also help in treating irritated scalp and thinning hair.

Pet Treatment

You can also use ACV for fighting off insects from your dog’s skin. Many pet owners may worry about their dog licking it. But it’s safe to use.

It will help in restoration of the proper acid mantle of your pet’s skin. This helps in repulsing organisms and bugs. Adding ACV to your dog’s diet can also help in maintaining proper pH levels in the gut. It can also help in preventing so many problems like:

– Hindering parasites

– Growth of ringworm and ticks

– Preventing hypersensitivities

– Preventing various organism attacks

You should give 2 teaspoons of nourishment daily to a 50 pound dog. The dog’s coat can be treated with ACV and water soaking (50:50 ratio) (Source).

Salad Dressing

You can add apple cider vinegar to your diet with this salad dressing:

Tahini Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

The ingredients required are:

– Minced garlic clove – 1

– Sea salt – 1/2 teaspoon

– Olive oil – 4 tablespoons

– Apple cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons

– Dijon mustard – 1 teaspoon

– Tahini – 1 tablespoon

– Honey – 1 teaspoon


Take a jar and put all the ingredients in it. Keep shaking for them to be emulsified. It can be enjoyed along with some apple pieces and greens Apple cider vinegar can also be added to your meat marinades.

ACV for Skin Toning

Many skin care items have a pH level that makes them solvents. Most of them damage the acid mantle, which is a layer on your skin that has a defensive role.

A wonderful thing about apple cider vinegar is that it has an acidity level that’s almost similar to the pH level of your skin. This helps in preserving the acid mantle when you use ACV. Thus, your skin remains protected against external microbes and germs.

You can also use vinegar as a toner. Take one part of ACV in a few parts of water. If you have sensitive skin, use more water. Once your skin is purified, apply the mixture over your face and allow it to ingest into the skin.

Detoxification Benefits

With our foods and environments full of all types of poisons, it is important to take all preventative measures. This includes taking only protective foods. It has amazing acids that kick out the poisons effectively.

You can trigger your lymphatic system to discharge the poisons from your body. This will require adding one bug of vinegar to your hot shower and some Epsom salts (Source).

Fighting Allergy & Congestion

Apple cider vinegar helps in separating mucous. It also has special anti-histamine effects. If you are afflicted with those sporadic anaphylaxes (pet-caused or natural), vinegar can help in reducing the side effects (Source).

ACV & Candida

You must be lucky if you have never suffered from Candida abundance. This is a parasitic microbes that can cause excess of yeast. This can further prompt problems like:

– Low vitality

– Yeast contimatinon

– Poor processing

– Ulcer

– Various uncomfortable side effects

There is Candida abundance in those who have poor diet, and take high amounts of refined sugar and carbs. You can use ACV for freeing yourself of Candida. You could also take lemon water to treat Candida. ACV can help by promoting improved assimilation. It can help maintain the corrosive-and-soluble balance to help elevate solid microbes and allow thriving in your gut (Source).

ACV has also been used for curing foot fungus. It is highly effective in destroying molds. Yeast is a kind of growth, so vinegar helps in keeping control over the parasite. There have been no studies to find out how ACV works as a Candida executioner.

Fight Acid Reflux & Heart Burn with ACV

Heart burn is widely common. It occurs as a side effect of our Standard American Diet (SAD). It has been found to occur when our hydrochloric acid levels fall (HcL). If you have sub-optimal gut flora, there is lower production of HcL. This happens because you are not consuming adequate fermented and cultured food. It can also happen when you have taken some antibiotic.

Your stomach acid works as the first line of defense against microorganisms. When the pH level in your stomach falls, your esophageal sphincter may get surrounded by pathogens. This can cause incapacitation of the muscle and the nourishment can get relaxed back up into the esophagus (Source).

But if you take just 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with your supper, it will help in improving the acidity of your stomach acid. It will become more effective in destroying the harmful organisms and improve digestion (Source).

Treat High Cholesterol with ACV

There is no research work yet that studies the effects of apple cider vinegar on humans suffering from high cholesterol levels. But according to a 2006 study conducted on rats (19-day study), it was found that ACV helped in significantly reducing levels of cholesterol and triglyceride (Source).

Chlorogenic acid (a cell reinforcement) has been found in vinegar. Studies show that it helps in preventing LDL cholesterol particles from being oxidized (Source).

Antiglycemic Effects of ACV

There are many human-based studies for finding the effects of vinegar on blood glucose levels and insulin reaction after meals (Source).

Insulin has an important role in your body in the way it uses food. It works by reducing the convergence of glucose within the circulatory system. Once you have a meal, the body will breakdown the food into glucose. It then enters the circulatory system and the pancreas release insulin because of the increase in glucose levels. Insulin works by cleaning the sugar (glucose) from the blood.

Some of the glucose passes via your liver and gets transformed into glycogen, which is used by the muscles. If any glucose is left, it gets transformed into unsaturated fats and gets stored as fat cells. Many people start developing resistance to insulin. The body produces lots of insulin but starts disregarding it, leaving the sugar within the circulatory system. This can cause the development of diabetes and damage to health.

Apple cider vinegar not only helps with this, it also helps in making you feel full by suppressing appetite (Source). It may also help in causing glycemic reaction to starchy carbs (Source).

ACV Protects Against Cancer

There is so much in the field of cancer prevention. People follow a strict diet and lifestyle. All this is important. But ACV can also be helpful because of its acetic acid. This acid has been studied in various animal and cell-based research and found to have anti-tumor benefits (Source).

Current studies and tests are also heading in this direction, showing that ACV is also a cure for cancers and tumors. You can include it into your daily diet without the fear of any side effects or fear of overdose.

ACV Improves Digestion

When in its raw form, ACV is also a great “digestive tonic.” It is full of living enzymes that play a key role in breaking down food into different segments. This makes your food much easier for assimilation.

Because of its rich acid content, it helps in starting the digestion process effectively. It blends in with the digestive juices and helps in taking care of the remaining digestive process.

Acetic acid in ACV has been found to beneficial in mineral ingestion. It helps in getting the most from the nourishment you take (Source).

Fighting Muscle Fatigue After Workouts

Many times you suffer from muscle exhaustion because it is a side effect of electrolyte/mineral consumption. You should consume 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water before exercises. This will help in ensuring adequate electrolytes. When there is normal pH in your body, it helps in eliminating excess lactic acid formed in the muscles. This is beneficial in oxygenating your body when you engage in physical activity (Source).

Fighting Bad Breath with ACV

If you are suffering from bad breath or halitosis, can it can be humiliating at times in front of other people. It can also be a sign that you have some other underlying health problem. But you can use ACV for getting rid of the bad breath problem. Mix half tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in water and gargle for half minute two times a day. It can also help in shining your teeth and getting rid of stains.

Eliminating Body Odor

ACV can also help in controlling your body odor. It does this by keeping the skin pH under control. This cannot be done by the commercially available aromas and antiperspirants (Source).

Preserve Food with ACV

Vinegars have been used for thousands of years as preservative agents. You can also use it to preserve foods so that you can eat natural local food round the year. It can also offer many medical benefits when used for pickles (Source).

ACV & Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, the spikes and drops in blood sugar levels can be of concern. This can force you to consume high-energy foods. But ACV has been found to help in managing glucose levels. Thus, it can help with weight loss by preventing the craving for high-calorie foods.

Preventing UTI & Bladder Stones

Kidneys stones can be quite painful. But they can be prevented with ACV. These stones form when your urine is too concentrated or acidic. Uric acid, struvite and calcium oxalate form stones. But ACV works by alkalizing your urine. It can not only help prevent stone formation, it may also be beneficial in separating kidney stones, if you already have them (Source).

Balancing pH Levels

ACV may have acetic acid, but studies show that it has alkalizing effects. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Theodore Baroody’s book, “Alkalize or Die.” He states that apple cider vinegar creates an alkalizing effect on both blood and urine. It may be acidic in nature initially, but it transforms into basic structure via digestive processes.

It is recommended to consume a diet containing high amounts of alkaline foods because diseases initiate and develop in acidic environments (Source).

ACV’s Potassium Benefits

Studies show that ACV replenishes your body’s need for the “mineral of youth” – potassium. This mineral is essentially required by the delicate tissues in your body. If there is deficiency, there can be various health problems. Dr. Alexis Carrel (Nobel prize winning scientist), studied chicken embryo heart by giving it ACV daily to meet its potassium needs.

ACV Fights Corns, Warts & Callouses

ACV can be used for treating chronic foot conditions by correcting feet’s pH levels. Dr. Scholl used a mixture of 1/3 C apple cider vinegar in warm water for and pumice stone rubbing to treat these feet problems. He asked patients to keep their feet in the solution for 20 minutes. Warts were treated by apply cotton ball immersed in ACV in place of using pumice stone.

Fighting Effects of Poison Oak & Poison Ivy

Apple cider vinegar can also help in getting relief from the irritation caused by these harmful plants. Take a spray bottle and mix ACV and water in 50/50 ratio. Also add 2 ice cubes (Source).

It will help in drawing out the poisons and give relief from the stinging sensation.




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