Folk Remedy Against Sclerosis Based On Honey 



As a help to those suffering from brain vessels sclerosis, they can be recommended mixture of honey and onion, 1:1. One tablespoon, two times a day should be consumed – in the morning and in the evening, during the course of two months.

Results will not be left out if honey is used more for the weakened heart muscle. Honey is not only beneficial for strengthening the working ability of the heart, but it is also food for the heart. By long-term consummation of the honey, 100 gr per day, the heart work will stabilize, swellings will diminish, blood pressure will be normalized, and the urine will be purified. Fatigue and pain in the heart area will decrease, sleep will be normalized, and mood will get better and better. In other words, honey improves living process, the German expert Dr. Beobald says about honey, while the Russian scientist, Dr. Kuzmin recommends honey as dietary agent for the weakened heart muscle. Honey should be consumed as food, with milk, low-fat cheese, fruit, etc.

But, however, you need to be careful because of the quick effect of the honey, and because it can result in euphoric state of the person suffering disease, and to overestimating its own powers. The most important is not change the life style, and not to allowed too much physical activity. Therefore, constant medical control, patience and moderation in everything. This honey therapy would be better if supplemented with tea from the hawthorn flowers of or rose hips.