Diet With Citruses For Faster Metabolism And Weight Loss



South fruit or citruses are rich in vitamin C, and serve as antioxidants and therefore they are recommended to be consumed in large quantities during winter period. Vitamin C improves the immunity and accelerates the decomposition of the fats, stimulates the discharge of toxins, encourages microcirculation and produces collagens, and has positive effects on the beauty.

Oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruit accelerate metabolism and stimulate relaxation at the same time.

It is best for you to inform yourself what does the World Health Organization recommends, and to eat five small portions per day of the various fruits. In case of cold, quantities can be increased. If you cannot decide on choosing the citrus fruits, here are few advices from top experts.


Tangerines affect relaxation and calm dream, and therefor they are recommended to be eaten at night. They are rich in bromine compounds that have relaxing effect, and because of the content of slight percentage of sodium [1 mg per 100 g], tangerines are recommended to people with high blood pressure issues. Tangerines also contain phytic acid which prevents development of tumour and reduces the carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Two tangerines contain 63 mg of vitamin C, and 108 calories.


Reduce bloat; stimulate the work of the kidneys and encourageа the discharge of toxins from the body. This specie is a hybrid of tangerine and orange; it contains low quantities of sugar and it is seedless. The peel and the white cover of the slices contain flavonoids that stimulate blood circulation.

Two clementines contain 80 mg of vitamin C, and 55 calories.


If you are cold, drink one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, carotene and flavonoid, and the red orange contains antioxidants that strengthen the immunity. Oranges are ideal remedy against cold, and they are very useful in case of exhaustion. When you are tired, you should eat few slices of orange previously salted and seasoned with olive oil.

One middle size orange contains 75 mg vitamin C and 50 calories.


Lemon helps best after overeating. For better digestion of the food, drink beverage made of lemon peel and juice: put one quarter of lemon with peel into 100 ml hot water and boil it for minutes, wait for a while to cool, sift it and drink it. Lemon has least calories of all citrus fruits and thanks to it citric acid it has refreshing effect. Juice is excellent natural antiseptic, and that is why it is recommended for healing the mouth cavity. Peel is rich in essential oils [limonene, terpene, canfene, phelandrene and pinene] which thoroughly destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, and it also stimulates the immune composition.

One middle size lemon contains 40 mg of vitamin C and 9 calories.


Grapefruit reduces the appetite and encourages the metabolism. For everyone who wants to get rid of the excess kilos and of the cellulitis, grapefruit is the real solution, because it reduces the absorption of food and increases the production of adrenaline, which further stimulates the burning of the calories and at the same time decreases the appetite. It is rich in flavonoid group antioxidants which coupled with the vitamin C improves the elasticity of the blood vessels thus preventing varicose veins issues. Red grapefruit contains lycopene, antioxidant that prevent aging of tissues.

One grapefruit contains 80 mg of vitamin C and 52 calories..


This diet is based on 1300 calories intake per day.


– Sugar free coffee

– 125 gr low fat yogurt

– Two slices of toast with two tablespoons of citrus fruit jam


– 100 gr clementine



– 60 gr cooked pasta seasoned with 100 gr simmer pepper

– 60 gr prosciutto without fat

– Salad of 100 gr grapefruit and 200 gr of anise


– 100 gr leek and potato soup

– 1 hard-boiled egg

– 200 gr oranges with 100 gr fresh cow cheese seasoned with cinnamon



– 150 gr pork steak with lemon

– 250 gr tomatoes, grated cabbage and carrots salad

– 200 gr red orange


– 80 gr of cooked  brown rice

– 200 gr squid salad, and 50 gr of pomegranate, dressed with grapefruit juice



– 70 gr cooked pasta with 200 gr cooked broccoli

– Make roles out of 100 gr grapefruit slices and 50 gr prosciutto


– One plate cooked lentil

– Salad of 100 gr cooked asparagus and 20 gr parmesan

– Mixed salad of 100 gr of red grapefruit and 100 gr clementine



– 150 gr baby beef simmered in orange juice and seasoned with orange peel

– 200 gr non-peeled, oven baked potatoes

– 50 gr lettuce


– 80 gr cooked rice

– 50 gr smoked salmon marinated in lemon juice, and seasoned with black pepper and anise

– 100 gr tangerines



– 200 gr vegetables soup and 30 gr cooked rice

– 50 gr lettuce

– 100 gr steamed or grilled trout

– 50 gr cooked potato

– 50 gr orange


– 50 gr cooked spaghetti seasoned with 100 gr tomato sauce

– 100 gr oven baked chicken steak

– 100 ml fresh tangerines juice with vanilla ice cream scoop