3-Minute Exercise That Will Improve Your Posture (VIDEO)



Proper body posture is very important for the overall health. It is particularly important for those sitting in front of computer for whole day, no matter whether they study, work, or simply rest that way.

Upright seating is bad for you indeed, mainly because it causes a lot of stress on your spine. But, it is even worst when bad body posture can lead to issues such as falling asleep or buckling. Fortunately, there are 3-minutes exercises that help you deal with this issue in a quick and easy way.

These exercises have instant results, but however they do not last long. In order to fix the damage that you have been causing with year on your body, you need to exercise 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  After a month of regular exercising, you will have more long-lasting results.

See the video below which presents 3-minutes exercises for body posture improvement.


Source: healthylivingmaster


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