Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair loss & Hair Grow Like Crazy



You may have eaten the guava fruit and maybe even fallen in love with it, but are you aware that its leaves can help prevent balding and can even boost hair growth?

The guava fruit has a yellow skin and pink flesh. It has lots of small seeds and it’s both tasty and crunchy. It makes a good, healthy fruity snack for you and your family, a great alternative to processed meals.

Its leaves are rich in vitamin B which is widely believed to be essential to hair growth and the prevention of balding as it stimulates and strengthens your hair roots and follicles ultimately revitalizing damaged hair.

Preparing guava leaves tonic

This simple preparation just requires some guava leaves and clean water. You can do it at home with little effort and time required.

– Take some guava leaves, a handful will be nice.

– Put the leaves in a pot with about one liter of clean water.

– Place the pot on a stove with a medium heat.

– Boil the leaves for approximately 20 minutes.

– Take the pot off the stove and let it sit at room temperature until it cools.

– Strain the water in a bowl.

– Now your guava leaves tonic is ready.

How to apply the guava leaves tonic to your hair

After you have strained the guava leaves tonic in a bowl it is ready for use and you can apply it to your hair and scalp in the following ways.

– Take the bowl of guava leaves tonic to your bathroom and gently apply it by pouring to your hair and scalp. You can use a cup to pour it unto your hair, make sure the tonic gets to your hair roots and scalp.

– Massage the tonic with the tip of your fingers; gently make sure that the guava leaves tonic gets to all parts of your hair.

– Leave the guava leaves tonic on your hair for about two hours.

– Wash your hair after two hours.

– You can also leave the guava leaves tonic on your hair overnight. Just make sure you wear a shower cap so as to ensure you don’t soil your pillow case.

– Rinse your hair thoroughly the next day.


Great results

After a few weeks of regular use of the guava leaves tonic you will notice that your hair will have a rich and full look. You will have a better sheen and your hair will be stronger and healthier than ever before.



Source: Healthy Tips World