This “Healthy” Food Can Cause Breast Cancer & Brain Damage. Stop Eating It Immediately



In order to live a healthy lifestyle you may be one of those who have substituted meat and eggs for tofu.

The Soy industry would tell you that it is a much healthier alternative to meat or eggs but this is not true.

It has been uncovered by a study conducted by Dr. Daniel that in processing the soybeans, they are separated into proteins and oil. This procedure according to him is very unsafe and extremely dangerous as well.

The procedure can release poisonous residues and carcinogenic compounds as it involves very high temperature and pressure. They also make use of petroleum solvents, alkali and acid baths during the process.

It was discovered that the plant protein tends to be separated and hydrolyzed during the processing. All processed soy has trypsin and phytates, the trypsin can disrupt digestion while phytates can prevent your digestive tract from absorbing vital minerals properly.

It is now common knowledge that a diet high in soy based products can lead to several health implications such as;

– Risk of developing reproductive problems

– Increased risk of brain damage

– Heart disease prevalence, birth defects and stroke

– High risk of soy allergies

– Raises homocysteine levels

– Thyroid disfunction, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, malaise, loss of libido and  lethargy

– Child development difficulties in adolescents and even babies also increased premature puberty risk

– Increased risk of developing cancer

The FDA was petitioned by Dr. Daniel and an esteemed colleague, requesting that it withdrew its statement released in 1999 suggesting that soy was effective in hindering cardiovascular ailments. Their petition was a 65 pages document highlighting their research on the health risk of soy.

It is dangerous for babies, children and pregnant women to eat soy. It has been observed that children are at a disadvantage when they consume soy because it tends to release compounds that imitate certain natural hormones in their bodies and these hormones can be raised to ridiculous high and dangerous levels.

It was discovered that children who consume soy were exposed to estrogen-imitating compounds that were 6-11 times greater than adults that consumed soy based products. It was also discovered in a study that the concentration of hormones in children that consumed soy was 13,000-22,000 times greater than the estrogen levels in their blood and was equivalent to about 5 birth control pills taken on a daily basis.

Why you should drop soybeans from your daily meal

– They are rich in anti- nutrients (which are natural toxins), similar to inhibitors, they will inhibit the enzyme release that is important for protein digestion. These are not eliminated during cooking and can lead to chronic amino acid absorption shortages and serious gastric disease; it can also cause cancer as well as damage the pancreas.

– They contain hemagglutinins this can cause blood-clotting.

– The goitrogens in soy can greatly lower the proper function of the thyroid gland.

– Phytates found in soy will decrease vital mineral absorption, minerals such as – calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium.

– The soybeans available are mostly GMO which have pesticides that are difficult to rinse off.

If you must consume soy then you can do so by following these suggestions;

– Use tempeh- this has a firm and nutty like texture and tastes like mushrooms.

– Try miso – use in miso soups, the miso paste has a buttery texture and it is salty.

– Try soy sauce- though a lot of these sauces comprise of synthetic chemicals, try using those made of salt, fermenting enzymes and of course soybeans.

– Use natto – quite like cheese, it is high in vitamin K2 with a sticky texture. Beneficial bacteria can also be found in it, such as nattokinase (which is a blood thinner) and bacillus subitilis.

Ultimately to avoid the health risks highlighted it is advisable to get rid of all soy based foods such as – soy energy bars, soy ice cream, soy cheese, soy burgers, soy protein powders and soy milk for a much healthier lifestyle.



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