The Best Exercises For Getting Rid Of That Unwanted Double Chin & Neck Fat



There are so many people who have the double chin. It is so much prevalent and even I have it. That is the reason why I am always forced to keep my face in a position when it comes to taking photos. I know there are so many like me out there who want to get rid of their double chin.

I have learnt one thing about double chin is not something that is always associated with being overweight. It can be caused because the development of the muscles in the neck and chin is not as much as needed.

There are some methods for removing this problem. The first things that come to your mind are bringing changes to your diet and then there is cosmetic surgery.

But it has been found that people taking good diet have also been suffering from double chin (Source). When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it is not something that everyone will be ready to undergo. And that includes me!

The answer lies in exercises that can help in strengthening the muscles of the chin, neck and jaw. They also work by removing your double chin.

If you do these simple exercises every day, they can help you in getting firmer chin in a short time. But they can also provide additional health benefits such as improving neck and jaw strength, and relaxing and making the muscles flexible. If you are like me and spend hours and hours in front of the computer, you can also have tense feeling around your jaw and neck (Livestrong). I am often left with stiff neck and jaw joints. But these exercises have really helped me.

I did these exercises the first time and they helped in relaxing and loosening my neck and jaw. It gave me a feeling as if my jaw was becoming more stable. You will also find these exercises to be great. It is worth mentioning that I have had jaw problems since a long time and it is only with these exercises that I noticed improvements.

Exercises for Double Chin

Repeat all these exercises 5-7 times.


– Move your chin forward and backward easily (without straining)

1. Ladle

– Open your mouth wide

– Close mouth by pulling forward the lower jaw

Make sure that the muscles are relaxed after every exercise.

2. Kiss Ceiling Exercise

– Look at the ceiling

– Blow a kiss towards the ceiling

3. Touch the Nose

– Use your tongue tip to reach your nose

4. Resistance

– Place your chine on both your fists

– Push your chin against the fists

5. Perfect Oval /Triangle of Youth

– Turn your head to the left

– Pull your jaw forward in a way that it causes strain in the muscles of your neck

– Repeat by turning your head to the right

These exercises should be done for 2 to 4 weeks to get the desired results.


Source: David Wolfe

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