Put A Drop Of Vinegar And Alcohol Into Your Ear And Hold 60 Seconds: The Wonderful Effect Will Take Your Breath Away!



We all know that wax keeps forming naturally in our ear. It has an important role to play. It helps in preventing dirt, dust and bacteria from entering our ear.

But there are many who consider it as something of a waste. They take it as unwanted dirt and grease that needs to be removed every day. They would use a cotton swab, and instead of doing any good, these swabs just push the dirt and bacteria further into your ear. The bacteria enter deep into the ear, which simply beats the very purpose of having the wax in the first place.

The ear’s wax has a unique mechanism of itself where excess of it gets removed.

However, like problems of the different body systems, this wax removal system may not work at times. If and when this happens there can be unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms can include problems of the ear or sinus, impaired hearing, dizziness and headaches.

If that sounds bad, you don’t have to worry. A doctor has found a natural solution to this problem.

Dr. David Hill is the person and he has claimed that using a small amount of alcohol and vinegar can be of great help in this case.

He suggests dropping it in your ear while maintaining your head in the supine position for around 1 minute. You can then lift your head and let it drain.

It can not only help in cleaning your ears, it can also prevent any of the unpleasant symptoms mentioned above.

Source: Health Advisor Group