Amazing – Rub Your Index Finger For 60 Second And See What Will Happen to Your Body



1. Rub your thumb and pull it upwards

Thumb is connected to heart and lungs. When rapid heartbeat, or when you will stay breathless, what you need to do is to massage your thumb and to pull it up.

2. “Index finger massaging” against constipation

There point on the finger that can influence the function of the spleen and the stomach. If you have digestive system issues, you should massage your index finger within 1 minute. The index finger is connected with the colon, and therefore, by its stimulation, diarrhea and constipation issues can be healed.

3. Middle finger rubbing help in case of insomnia and nausea.

If you suffer from insomnia or nausea during traveling, massage your middle finger.

4. Against migraine and neck pain

Neck pains most often occur as a result of poor blood circulation. Massage your little and ring fingers. Stimulation of these fingers will relieve symptoms.

5. Palms are connected with a lot of nerves

Practice rubbing your palm one another; that way you will protect your health and your general immunity.


Source: yourstylishlife

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