Doctor Discovers Genius Trick For Ears Cleaning (VIDEO)



Even though it is a common knowledge that cotton swabs for ears cleaning van be very harmful, however, only few of us have abandoned them, and the others are still using them.

But, also, people use other, often dangerous methods without any effects.

Doctor David Gill, an American pediatrician, says that no one should remove the ear wax by force, but instead there are many effective methods.

It is very important, for the greater layers, the hardened ear wax to be softened. You can do that by soaking piece of cotton in oil and put it in the ear without pushing. Next, you should shake your head for the wax to be able to move towards the external channel. Then wait for few minutes and put few drops of oil in the ear.

If this does not help, mix equal quantity of vinegar and medicine alcohol, and put this solution with a syringe in the ear, wait for a while and remove the liquid from the ear.

Watch the video below: