This Will Shock You – The Juice That Kills Cancer Cells, Treat Diabetes, Gastritis And Lower Blood Pressure !



A lot of nature’s gifts to us are lost when we process food either by cutting it and throwing away parts that help the most or worse when we cook it. Cooking food exposes its building blocks to a lot of heat; this usually breaks down strong bonds in molecules and subsequently doing away with their original intended beneficial uses.

Potatoes, from the peel to the core, are a tasty ingredient in lots of dishes world-wide. Some peel the skin off and cast it away. This is a shame given that the peels alone contain enough vitamin C to improve skin texture and cover a large percentage of the daily vitamin C requirement – and that’s only in one potato.

The resulting off-white flesh after peeling comes packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and benefits more valuable and effective than what you’d ordinarily be handed over the counter. Very few foods come with the ability to lower blood pressure caused by clogged blood vessels, clean the body of harmful toxins, removes cancer from infected cells and still taste good there is hardly any restaurant that does not have them on their menu.

A lot of research has been conducted to demystify the curing abilities of potatoes and all the time findings point to how important it is to consume potatoes on the regular – only mostly raw. Tests prepared on lab rats showed that potatoes when properly administered can repress tumor growth. Some of the benefits of eating potatoes and squeezing the juice out to drink include:

– Immunity enhancement

– Flashing the body of harmful toxins

– Recover from skin diseases

– Combat cancer

– Relief from stomach illnesses and gastritis.

– Blood sugar regulation

– Kidney ailments

– Liver infections

– Fights to prevent heart muscle and blood vessels conditions

– Packed with nutrients

Renowned health researchers have found, and recommended drinking small amounts of potato juice before meals as it regulates the body and heals ailments otherwise unchecked.

This is how you can prepare potato juice easily from the comfort of your home and reap the host of benefits that have been healing people since the earliest medical practitioners discovered the medical benefits of potatoes.

1. Make sure to clean the potatoes of any mud with clean water

2. Cut off any growing roots/seeds from the surface

3. Peel the potatoes and remove any green layers

4. Cut the potatoes into slices

5. Place in a juicer and proceed to extract the juice

6. You can use a dry cloth to squeeze the juice out if you can’t access the juicer.

Potato juice is best enjoyed fresh, if you do not like the taste it is safe to mix it with pure apple juice to taste. As long as you maintain healthy ingredients you can be sure to stay on the good edge and harvest the best of what potatoes have to offer.

Once peels you do not have to throw away the peels, they too have a lot of use. They are anti-septic and would be very efficient in removing skin blemishes. Just rub the peels on acne riddled face areas and the peels will endorse the area with healing juice that also cleans the pores from the inside out. If you need the best results, you can fabricate a facial mask to let the peels effective fluids infuse deep into the skin and heal while pushing out toxins from your face, leaving you rejuvenated, tight and moisturized.

The next time you think about adding potatoes to your menu, do not throw away the peels as now you know how good they are for your skin. Only be advised not to use skin that still contains green from young potatoes. And as most personal trainers suggest to most of their premium clients it is very good and healthy to drink your veggies and the potato should not be left from your arsenal of immune boosters.



Source: Weekly Healthy Life