Pepsi Admits That Its Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water, Coca-Cola’s Dasani Is Next



Aquafina – a hot selling bottled water brand belonging to Pepsi has been exposed as being plain tap water. Most people still drink Aquafina oblivious of the fact that they would be better off drinking tap water. On the other hand, tap water has been screened and found to contain Fluoride, impurities and other purification agents chemically damaging to the public after prolonged drinking.

In worst cases, tap water may actually contain micro-organic life due to authorities neglecting their duties to clean the water several times over before declaring it safe for drinking.

The discovery came to light after CAI (Corporate Accountability International) examined the water being sold under the label claiming that it originates from naturally occurring springs owned by Pepsi or that is has been purified of the harmful chemicals present in tap water.

Pepsi corporation representatives confessed to the findings being accurate and consequently will adjust their copy to alert the public that Aquafina actually is no different from tap water. This is what CAI terms wrongful advertising and packaging.

CAI has unearthed a lot of falsely advertised consumer products in the past and helps the general public gain awareness of the food they consume. Recently they revealed that Niagra Bottling’s water source was infested with E-Coli. This brought a lot of shame to the large bottling corporation and it had to take action otherwise an epidemic would have emerged and harmed innocent consumers.

Their work is just beginning though, next on the list of bottled water scandals is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has a branded water line called Dasani. Research is under way to figure out if Dasani is actually just tap water as was found Aquafina to be.

If found wanting, Coca-Cola could suffer decreased sales as projected for Pepsi and also would have to issue a statement of responsibility. Then they would have to take the necessary measures to ensure the public is aware of the water they are drinking.




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