He Pours a Full Cup of Salt Down The Drain. The Reason Will Amaze You



Salt is very important if you want to improve the taste of your meals. It can also be put to several uses that I am sure you never really thought of. Here are seven important home uses of salt that would surprise you;

1. Clean broken eggs from your counter tops

Getting rid of broken eggs from your counter tops can be messy right?

Well not anymore! Just pour some salt on the broken eggs and clean away with a paper towel, your counter tops will be left clean with no slime.

2. Get rid of the stickiness on your pressing iron

Get a sticky paper and pour some salt on it, heat up your iron and move it on the salty surface of the paper, in no time all the stickiness on the metal plate of your pressing iron will be gone.

3. Put out fire!

 Yes! You can put out frying pan fires with salt just pour the salt over the fire and the flames will be consumed. No need to call the fire brigade!!

4. Clean greasy pots and pans

If you want to get grease and grim from inside your pots and pans all you need to do is pour some salt and water and use a sponge to clean it after you let the salty water sit for a while the grease will be forced to the surface of the water making it easy for you to clean without any fuss.

5. Get grease from your sponge

After washing greasy pots and pans you don’t need to dispose of your sponge anymore, you can still use it and save money buying another one. All you need to do is put it in a salt and water solution overnight and the grease will be removed from the sponge.

6. Remove grease and stains from your bathtub

You can remove stubborn stains and grease from your porcelain bathtub by mixing salt and baking soda in equal measure and using this as a scouring powder. It is excellent in getting rid of stains and you will have a shiny and bright bathtub in no time.

7. You can unclog your bathtub drains

First of all you need to remove any hair or debris that may be trapped in your drain; you can remove them with your hands.

Mix salt and turpentine and pour in your drain, then get some vinegar and pour in the drain as well you will immediately notice a bubbling reaction.

Get some hot water afterwards and flush your drain with it. Your drain will be free from any clog up.


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