Young Woman’s Ovaries Destroyed by Gardasil: Merck ‘Forgot To Research’ Effects Of Vaccine On Female Reproduction



It has been discovered in a recent study that Merck & Co. The pharmaceutical company that produced Gardasil vaccine for the prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV), failed to carry out extensive research into the effects of its vaccine on women’s reproductive organs.

In Australia, at least a young woman has been seen to have suffered from a complete destruction of her ovaries by the vaccine.

The case was published in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal (BMJ), it stated that a girl of 16-years had her ovaries completely shut down and that she had experienced a forced menopause even before her ovaries could ever be allowed to fully develop. She will never be able to experience the joy of motherhood.

This case has thrown a serious light on the vaccine and the manufacturers questioning their competence as well as intentions.

The girl had perfect ovaries prior to the Gardasil vaccines and after which her ovaries completely ceased to function normally.

What is even more disturbing as reported by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is the Australian equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. Is that Merck never conducted proper safety testing for their vaccine with the intention of knowing it’s side effect on the reproductive health of women. It claims that Merck only had tests done on the effects of Gardasil on male testes.

It is either Merck was deliberate in its action not to test it’s vaccine’s side effect on the female reproductive system or they are completely incompetent.

Either way this is totally unacceptable considering that the vaccine is targeted at young women. It is just recently that young boys have been put in the bracket of taking the vaccine but the long term side effects of the vaccine on them is still relatively unknown and should be considered a likely health risk.


Gardasil has chemicals that damage the female reproductive organs


Investigative journalist – Heidi Stevenson reported that the Gardasil vaccine has not less than two components which may be the reason for the young woman’s damaged ovaries.

The two ingredients include –  polysorbate 80, which is an emulsifying preservative, and L-histidine, which is a natural amino acid.

These two ingredients have been known to be added to processed foods that a large number of people are exposed to daily.

However, when these ingredients are taking intravenously they possess a much more detrimental effect to the human body than if they are ingested.


In studies conducted the component – polysorbate 80, also called Tween 80, Alkest or Canarcel has a damaging effect on the female reproductive system.

This chemical increases the rate of sexual maturation in women and it will reduce the function and weight of the uterus and ovaries.

As for the L-histidine, it was discovered that when it is injected into the muscle tissue it can lead to the body developing a sort of autoimmune reaction when exposed to the natural substance; this will cause a number of dangerous side effects in young girls that have been given the vaccine.


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