25 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Change Your Life



Apple Cider Vinegar is very useful and you can get to know its importance in your life.

As A Household Cleaning Agent

This product is an excellent natural household cleaning agent.

1. As a non-toxic cleaner

ACV is a natural cleaner that is useful in cleaning stains, grease and grime. It’s antibacterial properties will help kill bacteria and remove toxins as well as dirt.

2. Used as a weed killer

ACV is more potent than the weed killer – glyphosate. Just mix a cup of vinegar, about a1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 a cup of dish soap. You can put it in a spray bottle and it’s effective against any weed in your garden.

3. Useful in getting rid of odors

Just put a dish if ACV in your room and it will give it a fresh fragrance and eliminate any of our that may have been present.

ACV is useful in health care

Apple cider vinegar is useful in taking care of several health conditions.

4. ACV will help reduce your blood glucose

Apple cider vinegar will reduce your triglycerides, HDL and ADL. This will help you avoid contracting diabetes.  Apple cider vinegar will ensure that your blood glucose is reduced and in return prevent you from getting diabetes.

5. ACV helps with weight loss

When you dilute ACV in water or when you mix it in your greens or juice and consume it, it will give you a full feeling and it is especially useful if you are watching your weight. ACV also has acetic acid which will inhibit the build-up of fat.

6. It reduces your cholesterol level

ACV will reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides as seen in lab rats. In studies carried out the rats were fed with food high in cholesterol before treatment.

7. ACV will help you detoxify your body

ACV is an excellent detox recipe. It helps to get rid of free radicals and harmful toxins from your body. It has excellent antioxidant properties that will help you detoxify.


8. It will clear your sinuses

ACV’s antibacterial properties will help boost your immune system to make sure your body fights off infections. The vinegar can be used to help clear up the mucus build-up in your nasal cavity. Just dilute your ACV in a glass of water, take little sips and try breathing your sinuses will be freed from the mucous build-up.

9. It helps in relieving your sore throat

Just try to gargle some warm ACV, it will help cure your sore throat.

Combine equal measures of ACV and warm water and gargle until you feel relieved. The inflammation and soreness will be eased.

10. It will enhance your digestion

The pectin in ACV will improve your intestinal spasms and aid bowel movement. Your digestive tract will be eased when you mix ACV with water and drink it.

11. ACV will take care of your sunburns and relieve your itchiness

Apply ACV topically to the affected part for instant relief.

12. ACV will remove warts

Just soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply topically on your warts. Frequent application will help get rid of your warts.

13. ACV will help boost your energy after you exercise

ACV has amino acids that inhibit the effects of lactic acid in your body which builds up after an exercise. This will help prevent and relief muscle pains.

ACV for your Beauty / Hygiene natural alternative

14. ACV will give you shiny, flake-free hair

Just rinse your hair with ACV once a week to get a shiny and silky looking hair. Your scalps pH value will also be balanced in the process. You can mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar with about 4 cups of water. After using the mixture just rinse your hair thoroughly with it right after you shampoo, then rinse with cold water afterwards.

15. Used as a facial toner / cleanser

ACV has excellent antibacterial properties and it is a potent facial cleansing product. It will prevent breakouts and clear off blemishes.



16. ACV is a great deodorant

This is a natural and healthy deodorant with no side effects unlike the chemically produced ones in stores today. You can wipe your armpits with a cotton ball soaked in ACV it will help kill bacteria there and leave it smelling fresh all day.


17. ACV will fade off bruises

It’s anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce swelling or inflammation when applied topically to a bruise. It will also fade it out eventually with frequent use.


18. ACV helps to whiten your teeth

Just put some ACV in your mouth and swish, spit out and brush as you would normally. It’s antibacterial properties will help kill the plaque causing bacteria in your mouth.


19. Takes care of bad breath

Instead of using your regular mouthwash use ACV to get rid of the bad breath as the antibacterial properties of ACV will destroy the bacteria that cause it.


20. Take care of smelly feet

Apple cider vinegar will destroy the bacteria that cause smelly feet by balancing the pH level of the sin of your feet. All you have to do is soak your feet in ACV diluted in warm water for maximum effect.

ACV is a great addition to your food and cooking

Just add some ACV to your diet to improve your health.

21. Use in your juice

Add Apple cider vinegar. To your natural juices and enjoy the benefits you will derive from it.

22. Use in baking

You can add ACV to your baked meals to fluff them up. The vinegar taste will not also be noticeable in the baked meal.

23. Use in your sauces

You can add some ACV to your barbecue sauce for more flavour. Add also to your marinades.

24. Use on salads

It is great on salads; you can also mix olive oil to it as well to make for a nice salad dressing.

25. Use in soups

Use organic ACV when adding it to you soup to improve its taste. It’s important to use organic ones as GMO ACV has pesticides that are difficult to get rid of.



Source/Reference: mamavation.com