Garlic Kills 14 Kinds Of Cancer And 13 Types Of Infection. Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?



This wonderful herb has excellent antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It has been used by alternative medical practitioners for years in curing numerous ailments. The diseases garlic is known for being effective against include the following;

– Thrush (Fungal overgrowth in oral cavity)

– Mycotoxin-associated aflatoxicosis

– HIV-1 infection

– Candida (Yeast) infection

– Helicobacter Pylori infection

– Methicillin- Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

– Klebsiella infection

– Vibrio infection

– Pseudomonas Aerigonosima(including drug-resistant strains)

– Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, multi-drug resistant Clostridium infection

– Group B Streptococcus Infection

– Cytomegalovirus Infections

– Viral Infections ( Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Parainfluenza virus type 3, vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis virus and human rhinovirus type 2)


The ailment above which garlic is able to have an active effect on is just a tip of the iceberg of what this miraculous herb can do.

Garlic is also known to be effective in the treatment and in the cure of certain cancers. It is interesting to note that Hippocrates suggested that large quantities of crushed garlic should be consumed to cure cancer.

How to administer garlic

– To treat cancer you can consume about 5-6 cloves of crushed garlic daily. A pod of garlic gas about 12 cloves and should be sufficient for a two day intake.

– After crushing the garlic cloves allow it to sit for a minimum of  15 minutes before consumption. The enzyme that produces anti-fungal and anticancer compounds  – Allinase, will be released within 15 minutes.

– Garlic can be eaten raw or cooked as an ingredient in your daily meals.

– It is interesting to note that garlic supplements do not produce the same anti-cancer and anti-fungal outcome.

A lot of information about the benefits of garlic from extensive research into this herb is also available and the biomedical database known as MEDLINE, which is provided by the National Library of Medicine, states that there are about 4245 abstracts on garlic.

In the information stated in the database garlic is very useful in treating and in the prevention of over 150 health problems. This also includes the treatment of diabetes, cancer, DNA damage resulting from mercury poisoning and plaque build-up in arteries.

Garlic is a safe, cheap and an absolutely natural remedy for those ailments leaving no side effects. In the ancient days garlic was highly valued and the knowledge it held in treating health problems was sought after and highly valued.

These days conventional medical practitioner seem to be less concerned about the benefits this herb can give to their patients and would rather prescribe chemically produced drugs for most health issues with their inherent side effects instead of this natural and healthy herb.





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