Woman Drinks A Gallon Of Water A Day For 4 Weeks And The Picture Results Are Shocking



Drinking sufficient amounts of water will help flush out harmful toxins from your body.

Water will hydrate your skin and leave you looking bright and radiant always.

In the UK a 42 year old mother of two kids named Sarah had previously endured irregular bowel movements (IBS) and persistent headaches as she explained herself that she hardly drank the daily recommended 2 or 3 litters of water.

After meeting her GP and told that she needed to drink more water. She then decided to consume a gallon of water daily to see if her health would improve.

Sarah said before she started her water therapy she looked like a 52 year old even though she was only 42. She said that she had wrinkles, jowls and dark shadows around and under her eyes. She also said her skin was dull and lacked lustre.

According to her she would keep three large jugs of water, one for each period in the day, for drinking in the morning, afternoon and evening.

After the first week she claims that her bowel movements had significantly improved. She also said her urine was clear, she said she had sudden breakouts which were as a result of her body flushing out toxins from her body. Her joint pains had been relieved as the water helped to lubricate her joints and her headaches had virtually gone.

By the second week, her skin tone had improved and her complexion was better. She said her eyes still had some wrinkles but they were not as prominent as before. Her cellulite had gone making her stomach flatter. Her headaches were also completely gone.

In week three the dark circles round her eyes were gone. Her skin complexion was also very radiant and healthy looking.



She had also overcome the usual trap of mistaking hunger pangs with thirst pangs, as many people would eat rather than drink water to solve a craving.

In the fourth week Sarah said she had made really significant improvement as the wrinkles and dark shadows had completely vanished. Her face was like that of a teenager and this point and it all was due to the volume of water she had been consuming daily.

Sarah’s story is one of commitment and determination to a healthy diet and water drinking routine.



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