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Time For Natural Health Care

This One Plant Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes Plus More!



Bitter gourd is generally known and talked about as Goya. Other names used for referring to this vegetable are bitter melon or Balsam Pear and Karela. This vegie garners multiple and countless benefits that are perfect for your health. But many people turn their noses up on this plant because of its intense bitter taste. Although when you add this vegie in your diet you can prevent various diseases from attacking you.

Balsam Pear looks a lot like a cucumber but with a very noticeable bumpy surface. Originating from South-East Asia you can also find bitter gourd in South America.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is a specialist in Anti-Aging Treatments and their alternatives and he has stated that his pancreatic cancer patients have added Goya to their daily food intake and they have been fighting the cancer. And they’re winning! This bitter vegetable helps in inhibiting cancerous cells.

According to Dr. Frank the proper way to prepare this vegetable is by diluting its juice 5% in water. If you don’t do that the bitter gourd will destroy your cancer cells to 90% or 98%. The University of Colorado has tested out this vegetable and it has brought in positive results like always. Also it can cure pancreatic tumors with 64%. But this is only 1 benefit of this vegetable. There’s a lot more to come.

– Hangovers

Most people stick to painkillers to get rid of headaches after a night of drinking but bitter gourd can do the job more effectively and is healthier. Bitter gourd helps in increasing the digestion of alcohol in your system. You will feel better in a very short period of time.

– Eyesight Improvement

Bitter melon contains minerals and special vitamins that can help in improving your eyesight.

– Cleansing of the Liver

The juice bitter gourd contains assists in cleansing and detoxifying your liver. Also it can increase blood circulation.

– Energy

Are you a daily exerciser? Then you probably need to include bitter gourd in your food diet. It will boost your energy noticeably and help you get sounder sleep. Maybe even boost your stamina for future workouts.

– Resistance

Just like it was aforementioned! You can protect yourself against various diseases and infection by in-taking the bitter juice (in any way). Not to mention fungal infections that includes Psoriasis.

– Constipation

This vegetable also helps in easing peristalsis of food that cause you pain and constipation.

In case you are wondering how you can do all this, it is easy. Here are a few ways of how you can intake bitter gourd:

– Indian people love to cook bitter gourd in stir fries or stuff the inside with curry leaves, spicy mixes, garlic green chilies, onions and tomatoes. That is of course they hollow out the inside.

– Goya chanpuru is another famous dish made with bitter gourd, pork, Tofu, eggs and onion.

– In the Philippines people cook bitter gourd with shrimp paste and eggplant or okra.

– East Asian people like to dry out the vegetable then ground it to fine powder. Then they use it in making iced milk tea.

– At last you can intake gourd from pickles. If you do not mind the bitter taste you should start with eating it right away. There are so many benefits this vegie garners; you can hardly imagine them all.

Most vegetables and fruits are best eaten when they are ripe but not bitter gourds. They are best eaten when they are bright green. In that way they are not that bitter. But as they grow older and yellower, they are a lot bitterer. You should also avoid buying bitter gourds that have turned orange or have soft spots somewhere on them.

It is recommended that you wash your gourds and brush them with a vegie brush before planning to do anything with them.



Source: Your Healthy Page