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How To Prevent Leg Cramps, And How To Never Get Leg Cramps Again !



Cramps are muscle pain that people usually suffer from. The muscular cramps start suddenly and can remain for the whole. The daily activities and exercise can be severely disturbed once the cramps start to happen. People who follow fitness advice usually get affected by cramps and know why do cramps occur and how to control them.

Causes of Cramps

Cramps are a problem that is related to internal disturbances in the maintenance of body fluid and minerals. External injuries and sprains have less to do with them.

Cramps can occur if you are deficient in the essential electrolytes and minerals that are needed for normal body functions and to fulfill muscle energy requirements. The cramps can be due to lack of electrolytes supplied to the muscles. This will result in decreased muscle strength. Sometimes, muscle cramps can indicate a serious underlying problem like kidney infection

Dehydration is also a cause of muscle cramps.

How to Correct them

Muscle cramps that have arisen due to the lack of water in your body can be corrected by drinking water in large quantities but not more than eight glasses a day. Dehydration can happen when you are performing a strenuous exercise or busy in a stressful activity.

Drinking water with a warm temperature helps in relieving cramps. The warm water is beneficial because of the similarity in temperature with body fluids. It helps maintain homeostasis and cures muscle cramps.

Mineral deficiencies can be corrected by eating foods with abundant electrolytes and minerals. The supply of electrolytes is necessary for providing energy for muscular contractions and filling up muscle energy stores for exercises. Foods can be curative sometimes, for example, a banana is full of potassium.

Electrolytes also retain water in the body preventing dehydration from occurring. Electrolyte supplements are available in local grocery stores.

How to Prevent Cramps:

If you have started drinking much water to control your cramps, it is a good measure to take at first. Then you should also think about your nutrient requirements. Eating a healthy food rich in nutrients and minerals is necessary to maintain normal amounts of minerals available for energy production and muscle function. Magnesium is a vital mineral needed for muscle health, and it is quite remarkably effective in preventing leg cramps.

Magnesium is being utilized in the body on a daily basis for various purposes. Magnesium intake should be maintained to save yourself from developing cramps. Magnesium rich foods are a good source of the minerals. These foods include pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, lentils, potatoes, and fish.

Potassium is a vital resource for muscle contraction. Potassium also balances body fluids. Small disturbances in potassium balance can result in serious illnesses. The balance between Potassium and Sodium must be maintained for cramp prevention.  The disturbances in Sodium and Potassium can lead to dehydration because more fluids are lost in urine.

Potassium ingested in food will be absorbed in blood from the gut and directly supplied to the muscles in need of this electrolyte. This action will help to alleviate the cramps. So, eating potassium-rich diet can provide fast relief to cramps.

If the cramps are frequent and do not disappear after drinking large quantities of water and eating healthy foods, it indicates a serious problem for which you must consult a doctor.

Source: healthyfoodadvice