Cancer In A Can: The Shocking True Story Of How Pringles Are Made



Who does not enjoy a bite from tasty potato chips; let’s see if you can also enjoy some bits of information about them? The most important information is that they are the processed foods that have content that is dangerously toxic. The fact that it doesn’t matter whether they are made from actual potato shaving or not, they are one of the most toxic foods that you’re consuming on daily basis.

Carcinogen Rich Potato Chips

The composition of Pringles and other potato chips is not even near to that of an actual potato. They have a remarkable difference that you should definitely know about.

Once, the Pringles Company when asked to pay taxes for manufacturing “luxury foods,” claimed that their chips have a composition that is not even similar to the composition of a potato chip. You might want to ask what are they made of?

How are they Made:

The answer to this question is that these chips are made by making a slurry of rice, corn, potato, wheat that are pressurized to take the classic shape of potato chips.

A sheet that is ultra thin is used to roll out this dough on and then a machine cuts them into chip-cookies.

The chips are placed on a conveyer belt. They are pressurized into molds and get curved. The curves make them fit into each other.

They are then moved through oil that is boiling. Then they are dried. Powdered flavors are sprayed on them. Finally, they are moved on a slower conveyor belt. They get stacked before being packed into the cans and entering your mouth.

The Toxic Ingredient:

A byproduct of this extensive processing is an ingredient that is dangerous to eat. It is called Acrylamide.

It is a carcinogen and also a neurotoxin, harmful for the brain. It is the byproduct of producing the chips under a very high temperature. It is mostly found in chips and

French fries but other cooked or processed at as high a temperature as 100°C should lead to the formation of this Acrylamide. Formation, a yellow-brown, dry surface of the food, is an indication that it contains Acrylamide.

What are The Foods that Contain this Ingredient:

This dreadful ingredient is found in Potato products and Coffee products.

The coffee products like roasted coffee beans and coffee powder contain acrylamide. It will take you with surprise that even if you buy coffee alternatives that are made from chicory root, they contain 2-3 times more acrylamide.

Potato Products: There are many potato products containing alarming levels of acrylamide like roasted or fried potato foods, potato chips and French fries.

Some processed grain foods also have this ingredient. These foods include bread crust, toast, roasted cereals and other processed snacks.

How much Acrylamide had you Ingest?

The federal health authorities allow 0.5 parts per billion (ppb) or approximately 0.12 micrograms of acrylamide in an eight-ounce glass of water. Unfortunately, the 6 ounce serving of French Fries that you almost eat daily contains 60 micrograms of acrylamide. This is about 500 times greater than the limit.

In 2005, a report was released named “How Potato Chips Stack Up: Levels of Cancer-Causing Acrylamide in Popular Brands of Potato Chips”. It was published by an Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) based in California. It spread awareness regarding the consumption of these all chips that contained 39 times greater content of acrylamide than the allowed limit. The range extends to as high as 910 times for Cape Cod Robust Russet

These Products are Kettle Chips; the honey Dijon flavor consists 495 time’s greater levels, and the light salted flavor heavily loaded with as high as 505 times.

A few of the chip makers are selling grossly high quantities of acrylamide. Some of the chip makers were sued in California in 2005 for not warning the people against the adverse effects of eating their chips. Then the authorities reached a settlement that companies like Frito-Lay and others will be allowed to add 270 parts per billion ( ppb).

Baked Chips aren’t any Better:

If you are thinking that you can stop consuming fried or processed potato chips and buy the baked ones, you are not on the right track. The baked variety is not free of acrylamide. These baked chips are usually promoted to be healthier than regular chips. They are three times richer in acrylamide according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Acrylamide can be found in other foods like regularly fried chips because they are also cooked at a high temperature, similar to the processed ones. According to FDA, Ore Ida Golden Fries contains 107 ppb of acrylamide.

Acrylamide is not the only Culprit:

There are others compounds that are toxic for humans contained in these overly heated processed foods. Heat-Generated Food Toxicants (HEATOX), a study conducted by the European Union published its results in 2007that stated that there were up tp 800 heat generated compounds, 52 of them were cancer-causing. Also, there is no solution to remove acrylmide from food once it has been generated. The study said that these compounds are less often found in food cooked in homes. What did we just tell you? Homemade foods are the best food for your good health.

Source: Living Traditionally