Tylenol Can Kill You; New Warning Admits Popular Painkiller Causes Liver Damage, Death



If there is one medication that is readily available in your local pharmacy and in your home it would be tylenol.

Tylenol has been a household off-the-counter pain relief medication for more than 50 years.

However, this popular drug is increasingly under the microscope. The manufacturer of tylenol – McNeil Consumer Healthcare is currently facing a string of personal injury lawsuits due to recent research into the adverse effects of this drug on many users who have claimed that the drug is responsible for their liver damage.

The company has now placed a large warning on its label, informing potential users of its health risks.

The major component of tylenol – acetaminophen has been linked with liver damage.

In the US today acetaminophen is the leading reason behind sudden liver failure. It’s toxic metabolites are widely known to destroy liver cells.

It is estimated that no less than 80,000 people are admitted to the emergency ward of hospitals yearly due to acetaminophen poisoning. While about 500 people die from liver failure yearly due to this toxic component.

These figures are really alarming and considering that Tylenol can be found in most homes in the US it is especially frightening.

With the dangers of acetaminophen clearly stated on its label this could help to reduce the number of users of this drug. The label has in clear terms the phrases:


And this warning statement is said to first appear on the bottles of the extra strength tylenol which has a greater percentage of acetaminophen than the regular tylenol. However, it is expected that all tylenol bottles will have this clear warning statement whether regular or extra.

Other drugs with acetaminophen

This toxic compound is also found in the following drugs:

– NyQuil – cold formula

– Sudafed – sinus pills

– And Excedrin – pain killer

While McNeil state that tylenol is safe if taken as prescribed, what is not sure is the number of other drugs that contain acetaminophen that is taken by people along with tylenol without even knowing it.

It is estimated by AP that one in every four Americans or approximately 78 million people take drugs with acetaminophen every day.

It is also known that about 600 over-the-counter drugs also have acetaminophen as their main component and that includes the drugs stated above.

When these drugs are combined with tylenol then it can be to devastating effect to the liver of the user.

However, even people who adhere to the recommended daily dosage for acetaminophen which is 4,000 mg still die from liver damage which simply indicates that this toxic compound should be avoided in its entirety.


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