Weight Chart For Women: What’s Your Ideal Weight According to Your Body Shape, Age And Height?



When it comes to your weight, you may desire it to be anything. But it will be best to pursue your ideal weight and not your “desired” weight!

What you desire to weigh may not be healthy for you. It is the ideal weight that you should focus on. It is what is going to help your body function at its optimal levels.

If you are part of the new trend where almost everyone is a weight-loss fan, you should know that it may not be a healthy choice for you.

Think of being overweight and you will think of the risks that come with obesity – including all the health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. But if you are thinking excess weight loss can be good, you are wrong. It can be equally dangerous too.

The fact is that you should follow the “Golden Middle” rule!

You will come across so many types of ideal-weight charts and calculators. But you will not find one like this chart. It is developed by none other than doctors and specialists.

This chart consists of various parameters and you will find it to be comprehensive – nothing’s missing in it!

It takes into account your age, body shape, and height and helps you find your ‘ideal’ weight. Don’t worry about finding unhealthy body proportions on it.

Check this chart and consider your body characteristics and age to determine what is the ideal weight you should have: