A Simple Homemade Shampoo That Will Help Your Hair Grow Like Crazy Again, Get Splendor, Volume And Elasticity



Everyday your hair is exposed to harmful chemicals that cause it to dry out, thin out and fall out.

Day to day stress has always adversely affected the growth of our hair and has led to an increase in the number of people with premature hair loss.

You can manage your hair properly with an all-natural shampoo that is simple to make that you can DIY and at home.

This shampoo is very effective as you will notice an immediate improvement in your hair as it will grow quickly, appear full and bouncy. It will also be be healthy with less drying and thin edges.


– Get Nettle Shampoo

– Panthenol – 100 ml( approx. 3.3 fluid oz)

– Nettle drops – 30 ml( approx. 1 fluid oz)

– AD drops – 30 ml( approx. 1 fluid oz) of aqueous solution (one vial)

– Castor oil – 50ml( approx. 1.6 fluid oz)

– 2 ampoules of vitamin B


– Mix the entire bottle of 100 ml panthenol in the nettle shampoo.

– Also add the 30ml nettle drops as well as the entire bottle of AD drops and the castor oil.

How this shampoo works

– It provided your scalp and hair with vitamins.

– Nettle boosts blood circulation in your scalp and therefore quickens the epidermis metabolic process and all the ingredients in the shampoo will be absorbed easily and faster.

– Panthenol will help the scalp’s regenerative capacity.

– Your cuticles will be strengthened by the castor oil as it’s vitamin E and ricinoleic acid would ensure this.

– The vitamin E in the castor oil is an excellent antioxidant and protects your hair roots and scalp from effects of free radicals.

– Ricinus has excellent antifungal properties and will safeguard your scalp from dandruff.

– The AD drops of Vitamin A acts provides a regenerative effect on your scalp and hair.

– The vitamin B complex in the shampoo will help to restore hair strength and feed your hair.

A testimony on the use of this shampoo



I used this shampoo for a three month period and my hair stopped falling off. It returned to its lightness, liveliness and sheen. The speed of my hair growth was increased and my hair is soft, supple and shiny.



– Shake well before each use to ensure that all the ingredients are incorporated.

– You should put some of the shampoo on your palm and apply to you hair and scalp by gently massaging it in.

– Leave the shampoo on your scalp and hair for some minutes so as to allow the ingredients to be absorbed by your hair and scalp.

– Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

– The nettle shampoo and all the other ingredients can be readily obtained in a pharmacy.


Source: Fine Living Advice