Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Blood Sugar Regulation And Speeds Up Weight Loss




Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used for its many health benefits and in several medicinal applications. It has been used for these benefits for decades. It’s most notable benefits have been related to weight loss and regulation of blood sugar.

Vinegar is produced from 2 processes:

– Bacteria and yeast turn sugar into alcohol

– Alcohol is oxidized into acetic acid because of acetobactericum

The part of apple that causes fermentation can be found at the bottom of the vinegar’s bottle. It is loaded with enzymes. If you find a bottle with these apple parts in the bottom, they are the most beneficial ones. It has a characteristic sour-bitter taste.

How Vinegar Helps Regulate Blood Sugar?

Most of the time we use vinegar for salad dressing. It is also taken before those large meals. Even those who are calorized take a tiny cup of it before their meals. It has antilycemic chemicals that help in the regulation of sugar levels in our body. Vinegar is also used against metformin which has been found to be related to heart problems and liver disease.

After you have taken a meal, your blood glucose levels will shoot up. This is medically known as post prandial glycemia. Research has proven that when we take vinegar with our meals, our blood glucose sensitivity improves. It was found in studies that fasting-state glucose levels fell by 4% to 6% when subjects were given 2 tbsp ACV before meals. There was a drop of 3% to 6% when some subjects were provided medical treatment.

In another study, when women took vinegar along with their morning meal, their blood glucose fell by 55%.

Weight Loss Benefits of Vinegar

When you take just 2 tbsp of vinegar a day, it will help in reducing your weight. The enzymes from vinegar help in stimulating blood concentration and regulating our appetite. It also contains goodies like fatty acids and lipogenesis that boost our cholesterol. The acetic acid in ACV is great for protecting our liver.

Another health benefit of vinegar is that it helps in detoxifying our full body. When you take ACV, it boosts the production of fecal bile acid. This further helps in weight loss. In a study conducted on more than 150 Japanese subjects, weight loss was noted in all the individuals. Other positives in medical tests included reduction in visceral fat, BMI and serum triglyceride among other factors associated with obesity.


Source: naturalnews