With This Recipe Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy



If you are looking for a hair growth formula that is guaranteed to work and you don’t have the time or finance to get an off- the shelf brand, well look no further than onions -your ever available and reliable vegetable.

I know some of you might be squirming about now. You might be saying “what of the smell!” the truth is if you desire to have a healthy looking hair or if you are looking to control your hair loss then this vegetable is the perfect recipe you need to achieve your goal.

Why onions?

Onions are rich in sulfur and this compound helps to promote the production of collagen which is of course important to your hair. It stimulates hair growth and helps repair damaged hair follicles. Your scalp would be free from microbes as onions have excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties and it will also nourish your scalp and get rid of dryness and unwanted dandruff.

Your hair would be healthier, it would be well nourished and give out a natural sheen. The beauty of this DIY home remedy to hair loss is that it is completely free. Free from chemicals, free from unwanted side effects and free from extra costs. You will notice vast improvements to your hair in a matter of a few months with regular use of this homemade recipe.

So how do I use my onions?

Don’t worry about your breath as you are not required to chew them in order to solve your hair growth problems. Did I hear you say “phew?”

Well while for this homemade remedy to hair loss you actually are not required to chew your onions, you could consider eating it once in a while because of its undoubted health benefits.

Now on to our DIY homemade recipe to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth;

– Get yourself some onions – 2 to 4 would be cool

– You then grate them with your kitchen grater or chop them up with a kitchen knife

– Extract the onion juice by blending them

– Now gently massage your scalp with the onion juice

– You then leave it on your scalp for a minimum of 15 minutes

– You can then wash the juice off your head

– Apply this recipe twice every month and be astounded by the results.



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