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Time For Natural Health Care

What’s In Your Hot Dog? (Hint: You Won’t Be Very Happy)



What is the Americans number one treat that is consumed by millions of people every summer?  Yes, that’s right! It is the most popular and appetizing Hot dogs.  Seven billion of hot dogs are consumed every summer. Hot dogs came to be famous after the 19th century when they were discovered by German immigrants. Soon after their discovery the hot dogs were considered to be something grand and it became the part of many countries’ consuming culture by most consumers. Conversely, when you see what actually are hot dogs and how are they made, you might be shocked to come across the fact that by eating an appetizing hot dog you are seriously risking your life.

Hot Dogs are Dangerous

Frankfurters are nutritionally empty processed foods. The factories produce food in a highly mechanical manner which has no relationship with natural forces. They produce hot dogs at an amazing rate of 300,000 hot dogs per hour. Conventionally, hot dogs are made from a mixture of three main ingredients and these are pork, beef and chicken. Some companies use the leftovers from cutting steaks or pork chops and ‘edible’ slaughter by-products are brought into use. They further include fatty tissue, skins, animal feet and heads.

These trimmings are further grounded and mixed collectively into a thick paste. For making the sausages good in taste, a surplus of additives is added with excessive amounts of salt, corn syrup, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, and other chemicals.

The Flavorings of the hot dogs vary depending on where the hot dogs are sold because people in different regions have different tastes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not engage manufacturers to list flavorings on the label. Most of the Flavorings include the well-known monosodium glutamate (MSG) and carmine, which is a dye from the shells of small beetles, boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate.

Hot Dogs can Cause Cancer

Now here is where we need to get to the main problem. The additives which are used in hot dogs are Nitrates and nitrites which are sort of problematic. In presence of heat these two additives when combined with amines form nitrosamines. Basically nitrosamines have been connected to cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research made a finding that one hot dog a day increases the risk for colorectal cancer by 21%. Even though the hot dogs in their natural forms contain nitrite and sometimes the amount is even in higher in conventional hot dogs.

According to a study in the University of Hawaii, processed meat increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%

Hot Dogs Contains strange items

Sometimes a lot of strange items are found in your favorite hot dogs. They mostly contain: Band-Aids, glass shards, razor blades, metal fragments, maggots, rat legs, and pieces of eyeballs.

Childhood Obesity and hot dogs

If we dig deeply hot dogs are listed among the unhealthiest food items that pave way for the increasing rates of childhood obesity and this is linked to a myriad of health problems.

If any of you believe that Hot dogs a necessity for you then go for brands that:

– Do not contain nitrates.

– 100% beef, 100% chicken and no by-products have been used.

– No MSG, corn syrup, preservatives and additives added.

– Are sold by farmers who work on small scale on local farms

You should avoid processed meat and chicken and if you happen to consume meat you should make sure that the meat is from a grass-fed, naturally and humanly raised animal.


Source: Healthy and Natural World