The Death Over Our Heads: Energy Saving Light Bulbs Are Poisonous To The Brain, Nervous System, Liver, Kidneys And Heart




We all love to fit energy-saving light bulbs all over our homes and offices. But most of us don’t know that they are loaded with mercury. It is a very strong neurotoxin that can specifically cause severe harm to pregnant women and kids. It adversely affects our brain and nervous system and organs like kidneys and liver.

Most of us replace the old bulbs with these new energy-saving lamps which are advertised as ‘ecological’. But the fact is that these new series of energy-efficient bulbs are so harmful that the Environmental Protection Agency (US) had to release a special protocol for how to  handle a broken light bulb and the release of toxic gases from it.

According to researchers at the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klaudic Institute, when these energy-efficient light bulbs break in your home, they can release 20 times the allowed level of mercury.

Some of the health problems caused by these light bulbs are as following:

– Headache

– Giddiness

– Migraines

– Fatigue

– Seizure

– Loss of concentration and focus

– Confusion

Sever Health Concerns from Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The new line of ecological bulbs has mercury. This neurotoxin can damage our reproductive system, immunity and even cardiovascular system. It can cause headaches, tremors, loss of memory, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, confusion and even cancer.

Even the organic light bulbs offered out in the market can cause cancer.

According to the latest research conducted in Berlin (Peter Brown), these new bulbs have highly harmful carcinogens (cancer causing agents). These include:

– Phenol – This is an acidic toxin found in crystal forms. it is sourced from coal tar and is extensively used in processes in the chemicals industry.

– Styrene – This is unsaturated hydrocarbon fluid. It forms as a byproduct during petroleum production.

Naphthalene – This is a highly flammable chemical that exists in crystal form. It is produced during the distillation of coal tar and is used widely in chemicals industries as raw material.

– Eco Bulbs Flood Your Home with Harmful UV Rays

These energy saving light bulbs also emit large amount of UV-B rays and some amount of UV-C rays. We all know how UV rays can harm our skin and eyes and cause skin cancer. The rays emitted by these eco bulbs not only cause damage to our skin, they also attack and interfere with our immune system. The effect is so adverse that they stop the generation of vitamin D in our body.

These energy saving bulbs are so harmful and toxic that you should throw them away. They are nothing less than perilous waste.

If by any chance you have broken one of them indoors, leave all the doors and windows open for at least half an hour so that the toxic gases can escape.

But the bad thing is that we will soon lose all the old bulbs because they will go out of production and will not be available!

Source: Healthy Life Vision