Press These Points On Your Palm To Relieve Any Pain



Alternate medicine does not receive the due credit that it deserves. A lot of people believe in various forms of alternate medicine, while another faction believes in the correctness and validity of conventional medicine. But here is a new form for treatment that offers a blend of conventional and alternate medical research, known as reflexology. While reflexology has been known for pain relief it is now being used to treat several ailments.

The concept of reflexology is simple and straightforward. It involves finding critical pressure points in the palm and applying pressure on these points. The idea is that these pressure points are connected to several parts of the body. The key is to apply pressure using the thumb point on the corresponding part of the hand for five seconds and then releasing for three seconds and then repeating the procedure several times.

This video gives a demonstration of reflexology. Dr. Oz’s guest is a reflxologist, who invites five members from the audience to come on stage and brief on which part of their body is currently having pain. For each type of pain, the reflxologist explains which part of the palm is connected to the corresponding body part and massages using her fingers on these points to provide relief to the guests’ pain.

The members from the audience suffered from:

– Insomnia & Exhaustion

– Constipation & Bloating

– Sinus Congestion

– Pain the upper back

– Low libido

She was able to comment on how the participants would feel when she starts to massage them, how would they be experiencing relief and the signals that would be produced in case she was not working on the right areas of the palm.


Source: Natural Healing Magazine