Beware: These 10 Foods Are Made In China And Are Filled With Pesticides, Plastic And Cancer Causing Chemicals



It may sound mind-boggling but it’s a true story. An article was published in China, claiming that fake rice is being made using plastic. Unfortunately, it has not created any apparent alarm and no one is doing anything about it. This is despite the fact that even a trace of plastic in our system could have serious effects on our digestive system and hormones. You cannot afford to imagine the effects if large amount of plastic enters our system.

The world knows China for making those creative yet cheap products like tech items, toys and various consumer products. But food is entirely something else and it shouldn’t be meddled with. China tops the list for producing pesticides, which also makes it highly likely that the food they produce is also loaded with pesticides.

Then China has a problem with air pollution. The air there could cause damage equivalent to smoking through 40 cigs a day. Their rivers are also loaded with chemicals and toxins.

Here are the 10 foods from China which could be harmful.

1. Plastic Rice

If the rice remains hard even after boiling, you should be wary of it. Plastic rice contains fake synthetic resin and potatoes, it could have cancerous properties.

2. Processed Mushrooms

Be careful of processed mushrooms, even those that have been labeled as organic on the package. Manufacturers can print organic just to make more profit. Inspectors have often come across tainted mushrooms.

3. Tilapia Fish

The tilapia fish would eat everything in the small pools they are raised in. The concerning thing is that those pools contain waste water. That’s one of the unhealthiest, most toxic and worst kinds of fish. Unfortunately, 80% of this fish in the U.S. comes from China.

4. Green Peas

The green peas you could be eating may actually be soy beans and snow peas. These fake green peas contain snow peas, soy beans, sodium metabisulfite, and green dye. They were first found in 2005 and increase the chances of cancer and interfere adversely with absorption of calcium.

5. Chicken

China is known for producing the largest amount of pesticides. Many food experts have shown serious concern about the quality of chicken, but the U.S. approved chicken sale back in 2013.

6. Black Pepper (Actually Mud)

With the Chinese, there’s not much meticulousness about their food. It is not uncommon for them to skip their safety regulations and requirements for food origins. There was this Chinese vendor who was simply collecting mud and selling it as black pepper. He added flour to it and then offered it as white pepper.

So make sure that you are getting only organic and local food!

7. Cod Fish

This fish is raised in its own waste. This makes it extremely unhealthy.

8. Industrial Salt

Once you consume this salt you can suffer from various health problems including reproductive issues, and physical and mental disorders.

9. Chinese Apple Juice

You should entirely avoid Chinese apple juice considering that the country produces and uses the highest amounts of pesticides.

10. Chinese Garlic

Around 31% of Chinese garlic is being sold in America. This garlic has large amounts of chemical connection sprayed over and filled in it.

If you want to improve your health and get healthy nutrition, you should consume only organic food which is produced in local farms or you should grow them yourself. Why get all the negative effects and destroy your health?