This Simple Remedy is One of the Most Efficient Folk Methods for Treating Colds, Flu, Cough, Abdominal and Menstrual Pain



This amazing old folk remedy is effective in the treatment of a variety of your health issues which include colds, cough, flu, menstrual and abdominal pain.

All you require is some alcohol but make sure the volume of alcohol is about 50%, you can also use methylated spirit for this procedure.

You will also need a cotton ball. You will soak the cotton ball in the alcohol and then squeeze out any excess spirit. You then need to place the cotton ball in your belly button and keep it in place with a bandage, tape, cloth or plastic bag.

If you have had a hard day in the office, then this old folk remedy is a good way of relaxing your tensed up muscles, relieving body pain and getting you to go to sleep much better.

This simple folk remedy is excellent it treating your flu, inflammation of your muscles and the common cold. It is a natural treatment with no side effects.

You don’t need to buy off-the-counter medications to treat your flu, common cold, menstrual or abdominal pains. You just have to follow the procedure above and you will get instant relief. Also you will avoid the side effects that are common with these conventional drugs.

It is also great for children who are most vulnerable to contracting common cold and flu. When using this treatment for relieving menstrual pain, all you need to do is to lie down and gently press the cotton ball on your belly button to get instant relief from the pain.

This old folk remedy can be enhanced with a bit of salt, just sprinkle some salt on the cotton ball before you place it on your belly button.

It is also known to provide relief from travel sickness and stomach aches and pains. So try it out today and gain from the benefits of this remedy.



Source: Healthy Food Team