8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! How To Grow Them Full Tips



Gardening is a hobby for some. But very few people know the benefits of growing own vegetables. The best part about gardening is that it can be done using scrap from your kitchen and will cost very little. More importantly it will save you a lot of money, from grocery bills, on the long run. The only things that are required are light, water and lot of care for the plants.

So here are some plants that you can grow indoors:

Garlic Sprouts:

They can be regenerated from a garlic clove. These garlic spouts have a mild flavor from the original garlic clove and can be used in most foods like salads. They have to be kept in a glass with little water, once it starts to sprout.

Carrot greens:

Carrot tops can be collected and added to a dish with some water. Then this dish is stored where there is sufficient light or near the window. The carrot tops can be regenerated into carrot greens, which are slightly bitter, but can be used in several dishes by adding vinegar or garlic to it.

Bok Choy:

Collect the roots of bok choy and leave soak the ends in some water. Let this be kept in a room with good amount of sunlight for one or two weeks. After that it can be transplanted to a pot with soil.


The roots of scallions can be left to soak in some water in a room with good lighting. The roots will regrow over a period of time.


The clipped and unused basil leaves can be left to soak in a glass of water. Again sunlight is the key to regrowing the plant. After the roots grow atleast two inches longer they can be transplanted to a pot with soil and over time they grow into a full plant.

Romaine Lettuce:

This can be grown from the bottom of the lettuce head. Stumps of the lettuce head is dropped in a container which has only half an inch of water. This can then be transplanted to a pot with some soil in a few days after the new roots and leaves appear. Similarly cabbages can also be grown in the same fashion.


Fill some water in a bowl and add some chopped celery bottoms that are leftovers. This is to be left directly under the sun for a few days. The leaves will grow thick and the plant will grow in the middle as well.


Cilantro stems are easy to grow. The stems can be placed in a glass of water and this can be transplanted to a pot with soil after the roots grow long enough. Sunlight is vital for the plant’s growth.


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