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How To Grow Your Own Super-Powered Organic Turmeric To Reverse Inflammation And Cancer



Turmeric is a root of the plant Curcuma Longa. It is also known as Curcumin. History says the use of the Curcumin root is regarded in Ayurvedic medicine and as a spice in cooking food. It grows in South Asia. Its name has its origin in Arabic in which the word” Kurkum” means saffron and signifies its similarity in colour with the saffron. Turmeric is a herb that has been used fo centuries to treat diseases and is important in herbal medicine. It is used to make spices and perfumes. Its bright orange colour is used to dye clothes.

Herbal Uses:

Traditionally, it was used in herbal medicine to treat different health issues. It cures liver disorders and joint inflammation. It can heal skin lesions, bruises, and sprains. It is ideal to use for fighting infections likes parasitic and bacterial infections. It is utilized in treating colds and digestive problems. Research has proven its effects on health as an aid for detoxification action of the liver. Improving function of the gallbladder and increases lipid metabolism. It can inhibit clotting factors in the blood. Most importantly it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is now known that it can help fight and limit cancer growth like lung, breast and colon cancer. The essential oil made from turmeric plant alleviates the symptoms associated with skin conditions, muscular aches, and heals sprains. It is also used to treat fungal infections and athlete’s foot.

Where does it grow?

It grows in tropical climates where the temperature is elevated and moisture is available. The root needs a warm weather to grow, so it grows well in summer seasons in a temperate climate. It cannot survive winters.

What time does it take to grow?

It can be cultivated in any season in a tropical region of the globe. The ideal season to plant turmeric is late spring. You can dig up the ground and place some fresh root in the soil.

How to Pollinate?

The root or rhizome should be dried and then used to plant many turmeric plantings.

When does it grow flowers?

Flowering can start in two months usually. The rhizome of the turmeric plant is harvested after seven to ten months from when it was planted. The flowering time is indicated when the leaves and stems of the plant are dry.

When to Harvest?

The plant color changes from green to yellow when it becomes dry. This is the time when you should start to harvest turmeric. It is done by digging out the plant completely and take out the root. The root is the part that is used for herbal and cooking purposes. You can plant the root again to grow a new plant in the summer.

How to Dry?

You must dry turmeric carefully. Boil the roots and put them in the sunshine so they can lose moisture and dry up. It can also be done by using a dehydrator. Turmeric can be used in the fresh form and also in grated shape.

How much is the yield of turmeric plant?

One plant produces 700 grams of fresh root per year

How to Preserve Turmeric?

You want to preserve turmeric for future use. Do it by keeping fresh roots in the refrigerator. If you wish to use in food, ground it and store it in a powdered form in a clean container that is airtight.

Method of Planting Turmeric In your Home Garden:

Turmeric plant grows from its root buried in the ground. Turmeric root is easily available from the nearby stores in your city.

Take these easy steps to make sure you succeed in growing Turmeric:

1. The rhizome should be broken in small pieces. The small piece should have 2 or 3 buds.

2. Place rich organic soil in the pots you are using to grow the plant. The soil should be moist

3. 2 inches are deep enough to place the rhizome. The buds of the rhizome should be positioned as they are facing upwards.

4. Pour some water in the container

5. Take care to supply compost tea or a good organic fertilizer to achieve good results.

6. Replace soil before planting another turmeric plant in a pot.

Provide water:

The water supply should be abundant if you want to grow turmeric. Turmeric plant loves water. The soil should be moist at all times. If you live in an area with dry weather and hot climate, then watering should be repeated once every two days. You can use a spray bottle. If the climate is cooler, decrease frequency of watering the plant.

Harvest You Turmeric Plant

It takes eight to ten months for the plant to become ripe. After this time, the leaves and stems can be eaten but the root is the most desired. Turmeric plant should be harvested when you are sure that it has ripened fully. When they are fully grown, rhizomes should be taken out from the pots by digging them up. All rhizomes should be harvested together.

Save a few to plant turmeric again next year.


– Roots should be boiled for about 45 minutes.

– It takes about 1 week to dry them.

– You may consider wearing gloves when you’re handling turmeric; it may stain your hands with its bright color.

– Grind the roots to taste the best flavor of food cooked with turmeric spice


Source: Healthy Holistic Living