Place A Clove Of Garlic In The Mouth Every Morning – Here Is Why



Garlic is a very beneficial and favorable herb for health. It has been traditionally used in herbal medicine and cooking food due to its remarkable healing properties.

The healing properties are numerous including antibacterial properties that come handy in cold, fever and infections. It is also used to treat kidney disease. It is an effective remedy to clear arteries and make them strong and ready for blood supply.

Chinese consider garlic to have the ability to heal over all disorders of the body.

The Chinese herbal experts advise that a clove of garlic should be placed in the mouth in the early morning. It should be allowed to dissolve in saliva for 30 minutes. The raw garlic is rapidly effective on body organs, especially in the morning.

The effect of this remedy is that substances in garlic reach blood in a few minutes and start its action on arteries and lymph vessels. It clears cholesterol deposits from the arteries and makes them broad in diameter so blood flow to vital organs increases.

It also has nutritious benefits and increases energy levels in the body. Garlic also heals the gums and protects oral cavity. It can also reduce gum bleeding.

Just keep the garlic clove in the mouth for 15 minutes, let it dissolve and then spit it out. The mouth can freshen by brushing the teeth and using a mint mouth freshener. Fresh parsley leaves or coffee beans can be utilized and give a good smell. If you do not have these things, drink some milk and get rid of the smell.

Effects of Garlic:

By keeping garlic clove in mouth, you are giving these benefits to your body

1. Cure chronic bronchitis

2. Treats anemia

3. Cleanses and protects skin

4.Reduces chances of flu and respiratory infections

5. Cleans the blood of toxic substances.

6. Boosts the immunity to fight disease.

7. Helps in fighting kidney and bladder diseases.


We understand that the taste and smell of garlic can be unpleasant to be kept in the mouth. Then day by day, you can increase the amount of garlic. It’s the best remedy for chronic cough problems and removing kidney stones.


People have reported satisfactory improvement in their overall health and are happy with the garlic’s effect. You should also try to achieve health benefits by trying this simple and useful remedy.


Source: Healthy Food Star