Breaking News: 1 Dead, 11 More Hospitalized in Listeria Outbreak Linked to Dole Salads



11 people have been admitted to the hospital, and one person had died, due to an outbreak of Listeria. It is suspected that the Listeria outbreak is lined to Dole salads. The salads which are packaged in Springfield, OH had caused the illness to spread in states like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Massachusetts.

The CDC has announced that this outbreak has caused the death of one person and at least the hospitalization of a dozen persons from six states, including a pregnant woman and a three-year old.

According to the Food Safety News, Listeria is a life-threatening, serious illness. Its symptoms include severe headache, neck stiffness, nausea, muscle ache, fever, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

The announcement of the listeria outbreak in the US was preceded by the report from the Public Health Agency of Canada, which saw 7 people from 5 provinces being affected by the listeria outbreak.

Dole Food Co. had withdrawn their packaged salads from 23 states, and 3 Canadian provinces, following the outbreak of listeria. The FDA has come out with a circular, that Dole Packaged Salads with an ‘A’ code on it, should not be ingested, and discarded immediately.

The processing facility plant in Springfield has stopped its production of Dole Salads for the time being.


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