Clean Tartar, Remove Plaque, And Destroy Bad Breath Bacteria With Just One Ingredient



We have always been told to brush our teeth, floss it and then brush it again before rinsing it. What we did not know was bad breath spreads easily and coffee can stain our teeth.

The Mighty Coconut Oil!

Only one ingredient is needed to remove all these problems. Coconut oil is that magic ingredient. It can kill bad bacteria and remove tartar effectively.

Take two tablespoons of coconut oil. Rinse your mouth with it for 5 minutes. Then, spit it outside. Don’t spit it in the sink. You can spit it into your toilet bowl and flush it.

Spit into the toilet and press the flush

The method has been used for many years. it is no longer a secret. It is much better than your ordinary toothpaste. The oil can also clean your body blood. It may help in preventing cancer too. These are not verified and more research should be done to verify these claims.

5 minutes every day means you have to do this for just 35 minutes per week. Your health will become normal again. It cannot get easier than this.



Source: Simple Organic Life





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