This is How I Stopped My Migraines in Just Five Minutes With This Unbelievable Drink



Only if people knew that natural remedies for migraines exist, would they not use drugs. Migraines are a bigger headache that normal headaches. It is because of this reason that people start having drugs like Advil and Tylenol.

Migraines can go on for many days. There is constant throbbing and pounding in the head. It makes one feel very weak. It is quite an unpleasant situation to be in.

One can know the approach of a migraine with certain symptoms. The following are some of them:

– Constipation

– Neck stiffness

– Irritability

– Uncontrollable yawning

– Depression

– Food cravings


Other things that can cause migraine are stress, dehydration, irregular sleep, alcohol, nutrient deficiencies, food additives, etc.


Electrolytes are needed for the body to function normally. They have a positive electrical charge. They perform important function in the body. They are:

– Control muscle function

– Regulate cardiovascular activities

– Regulate and control nerve functions

Magnesium is very useful against migraines. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Migraines occur in response to certain inflammation. It also does other important functions in the body. It is therefore very effective against migraines.


Recipe for migraines:

The following is a drink to relieve migraines. It is made from three ingredients.

– Lemon juice

– Water- 1 cup

– Sea salt, high quality- 1 teaspoons


Choosing a high quality sea salt is important. For this, try pink Himalayan sea salt. It has essential minerals. The sodium in the salt keeps you hydrated. This maintains the fluid balance of the body.

Doctors treat your migraines with an electrolyte solution. Therefore, the fact that this remedy has not been proven can be ignored.

Try it out and you will soon be convinced about it. It has been used for years. Generations of people can vouch for it.


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