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This Common Vitamin Deficiency Is Causing Your Agonizing Back And Joint Pain




There is a widespread misconception that pain is a normal thing that comes with aging. It doesn’t have to be so! You may be waking up with rusty joints and ending your days with swollen joints and a shattering back. There is a good chance that you have a deficiency of this vitamin.

Both back and joints pain could negatively affect your physical activity capacities. They will also interfere with how well you can enjoy your life.

It is up to you to determine whether pain should hamper your life or not. Everyone should live an active life, and explore their new hobbies rather than leading a life full of pain.

This is a commonly occurring vitamin deficiency and most people take the associated joint and back pain as related to aging.

What is This Vitamin Deficiency behind your Joint & Back Pain?

There is a big surprise in store for you!

Your joint and back pain doesn’t have to be linked to your weight, age, your work, or how active you are. In most cases it is related to your food or the lack of certain nutrients!

Scientists have found a strong link between deficiency of vitamin D and joint pain. The fact is that most people cannot meet the daily recommended dosage of vitamin D. Are you getting a balanced diet or spending good amount of time outdoors?

According to researchers, your back and joint pain could aggravate progressively if your vitamin D deficiency persists for a long time. You may also develop several bone-related problems including arthritis.

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

Once your body suffers from vitamin D deficiency it starts showing signs. But if you have been having the problem for years, you may be ignoring the signs. Besides acute pain in the joints and back, some of the other symptoms of this vitamin deficiency are as following:

– Lack of quality sleep

– Constant sensation of burning on the feet

– Pain in the leg

– Lack of proper balance

Test to Determine Vitamin D Deficiency

This test will help you determine if you have sufficient vitamin D:

Press the chest bone. It is also called sternum. If you feel some pain, it is a sign that you are suffering from the deficiency.

So How to Get Required Vitamin D?

Once you realize how important vitamin D is to your body, you would  want to know how to get the required dosage and eliminate those painful back and joint problems.

The sun is easily the best source out there. All you need to do is to spend just 10 minutes out in the sunlight everyday and your body will get enough of vitamin D.

If you live in an area where natural sunlight is not as abundant due to rain or winters, you should take the right foods. Some of the best foods for vitamin D are:

– Mushrooms

– Salon

– Mackerel

– Egg yolk

– Tuna

Because you need a larger amount of this vitamin, it will be best to consider some vitamin D supplementation too.

Advantages of Vitamin D Supplementation

There are serious effects of suffering from vitamin D deficiency. And it is difficult to get the high amount of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of it. So supplementation is considered as a good source. It will help ensure that you are getting the required RDA without having to work hard on tracking your diet and sun hours.

Even when choosing a vitamin D supplement, you should be careful. It should have vitamin D3 and not vitamin D2 in it. It is D3 that gets naturally produced in our body when we spend time in sunlight. And it is exactly the vitamin D that our body needs.

I use Pro D3 to meet my vitamin D needs. It has 5000 IU of the vitamin that gives me my RDA. It is also loaded with probiotics, which helps keep my digestive system health, which further has a positive effect on my health. Try it and find out how it can alleviate your joint pain too!



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