Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective and Too Cheap



Baking soda-based cancer treatments have treated even the most advanced stages of cancers that have metastasized. Chemotherapy is the only treatment recommended by oncologists, despite the fact that it can attack all kinds of cells. 90% of all cancer patients readily agree to undergo chemotherapy without even trying to study other alternatives which are not as invasive.

Chemotherapy is a source of income for both pharmaceutical corporations and doctors. But there are more reasons why chemotherapy continues to be in use. Effectiveness is not one of those reasons! Neither are the factors that it may reduce cancer rates, morbidity or mortality rates!

The fact is that chemotherapy works the very opposite of what we think it does. It helps in promoting the growth of cancer cells and increases mortality rates over the long span. Unfortunately, this is something that oncologists already know about.

The National Institutes of Health granted $2 million to Dr. Mark Pagel (member – University of Arizona Cancer Center) a couple years ago for studying how baking soda cancer treatment is effective in treating or altering breast cancer. This grant was already a strong sign that the medical fraternity already knew or understand that there was some relation between sodium bicarbonate and treatment of cancer. It is the same substance which is used in the emergency room for saving an individual’s life.

According to research studies improving bicarbonate levels through diet have been found to help boost the pH levels of acidic tumors without affecting the pH levels of our healthy tissue and blood.

Studies conducted on animal models of human breast cancer have shown that taking sodium bicarbonate orally can help in increasing alkalinity of tumors and slowing down metastasis.

Based on these studies, and the point that baking soda is easily endured by our body and safe for our health, well known doctors including Dr. Julian Whitaker have endorsed effective treatment of cancer in the form of nutrition-based and immune supportive programs for patients. This treatment has been referred as the Whitaker protocol. It comprises of 12 grams of baking soda plus 2 cups of water. It also allows adding some low-calorie sweetener. But it has a salty taste. Sip the drink slowly over 1-2 hours. Drink it 3 times per day.

There is a story of a man who created his own cure for the disease with baking soda and molasses. He claims to have treated cancer using these simple ingredients.

Studies show that when sodium bicarbonate is consumed with high-magnesium water solution or when it is used in transdermal form in medicinal baths, it works as a primary medicine for treating cancer. It also helps treat other diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, influenza and common cold.

Sodium bicarbonate has also been found to provide protection from radiation. So it should be used by everyone. Our physiology is always being attacked by the nuclear properties of powerful radioactive winds which keep circling the northern hemisphere.

Studies conducted by a team lead by Dr. Robert J. Gillies has shown that when mice are pre-treated with baking soda, the area surrounding tumors gets alkalinized. They also found that bicarbonate helped in increasing the pH levels of the tumors. It also helps slow down natural metastases in mice suffering from breast cancer.

So What Is Baking Soda?

We all know what baking soda looks like. It is a white crystalline soda that is available in fine powder form. There are many names for it –bicarbonate of soda, bread soda and cooking soda. The chemical name is sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate.

It is not washing soda, which has the chemical name sodium carbonate. But both have similar alkaline/salty taste.

Baking soda is commonly used. It is used for dissolving in mineral water and in baking too. Its leavening-agent properties arise because it can neutralize acidic constituents in batter. When neutralized, it will release carbon dioxide, which causes the expansion/raising of baked foods.

It is also used for softening vegetables and for making meat tender.

In homes, baking soda is also used for cleaning purposes. It is also used in toothpastes for is antiseptic, whitening, acid neutralizing, plaque removing and cleaning properties.

In fact, baking soda is also used in commonly used personal hygiene products like shampoo and deodorant.

Role of Baking Soda in Maintaining pH

pH levels in our bodily fluids and tissues are important for our overall health and cleansing. We will be healthier if our pH level is in the range 7.35 and 7.45. If you can maintain this level in this range, your body will also fight chronic illnesses such as flu, cold and even cancer and other chronic diseases.

But it will require leading a healthier lifestyle and taking proper diet over the long span. Using baking soda will also help in increasing your alkalinity.

You can compare the pH scale to a thermometer. It falls and rises when the acidic and alkaline levels changes in our body fluids. If the pH level of our blood goes beyond 7.35-7.45 in any direction, it is a sign there is some serious disease. Whenever our body fails to neutralize and remove acids, it will move them to our extra-cellular fluids and cells of the connective tissue. This affects our body’s cellular integrity.

On the other hand, if the alkaline levels increase in our body, it can cause metabolic alkalosis. This could cause chronic results if not neutralized.

Jon Barron provides a great perspective on pH levels that shows a big advantage of using alkaline water:

According to Barron, oxygen is tied up by hydrogen. So when a fluid is more acidic, there is lesser amount of acid available in it. All of our cells need oxygen for maintaining optimal health and for living. But when our blood becomes more acidic (pH level falls), lesser amount of oxygen is available to our cells. You can compare it to how an acid rain can kill a lake. When it rains acid, all the oxygen is bound to the acid and the fish die. The oxygen is still there but is not available for use.

But if the pH level of the lake is increased (alkalinity), the lake will have abundance of life. Cancer has a close relation to acidic environment (where there is lack of oxygen). But if the pH level is high (and more oxygen is available for our cells), cancer will find it harder to live.

There are 2 reasons why you should understand this:

– This demonstrates that alkaline water increases oxygen in any given system.

– This also demonstrates the reason alkaline water is capable of fighting cancer.

Curing Cancer with Baking Soda

Malignant tumors comprise of mass of fast growing cells. This fast growth indicates very high rate of cellular metabolism. This further means cancer cells utilize high levels of sugars and carbs for producing energy as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

But some chemicals produced during this energy production are pyruvic acid and lactic acid. In a healthy body, these chemicals will be eliminated or used up immediately. But because cancer cells are undergoing metabolism at so high rate that these organic acids will get accumulated in the area around the tumors.

This high amount of extracellular acidity in tissue near the tumors is the main cause of metastasis in cancerous tumors.

At their core level, cancer cells require an acidic environment for growing and expanding fast.

According to some cancer specialists, if the area around the tumor can be buffered with some alkalizing chemical, it is possible to increase the pH levels. This can help in starving the tumors and stopping their growth and expansion.

Remarkably, this basic method to treating cancer has been found to be correct in studies.

Interestingly, you don’t have to create some innovative synthetic drug for reducing the acidity around the tumor. Sodium bicarbonate, which we know as baking soda, is all that is required.

But for this natural treatment to work more effectively, the baking soda will have to be delivered in the vicinity of the tumor. It has to be close enough to help raise the pH level in the tumor’s immediate environment. That is why it is considered best to inject sodium bicarbonate directly in the tumor area than taking it orally. But at the same time taking it orally is considered safer and you can do so easily at home.

The Cancer Research published a study in 2009 that confirmed that the alkaline property of sodium bicarbonate could help in stopping cancer. It was the first in a series of studies to claim so.

When researchers injected sodium bicarbonate into mice, they were able to learn the impact of increasing levels of pH (in the targeted organ) on the growth and expansion of cancer tumors. They found that baking soda actually increased the pH levels while reducing spontaneous metastases in the mice having breast cancer.

According to the researchers, sodium bicarbonate helped in increasing the pH levels outside the cells and not inside. This was a crucial finding, as it meant that baking soda didn’t affect the cellular metabolism even though it changed the microenvironment and made it unfriendly for the tumor’s development.

The researchers recorded the following findings about baking soda from this study on mice:

– It minimized the effect of lymph node in the transportation of cancer cells.

– It didn’t reduce the level of circulating cancer cells.

– It helped in reducing the role of liver, which prevented expansion of tumor cells to other body parts and organs.

– It inhibited the circulation of tumor cells thus preventing or slowing down colonization of other organs.

How to Use Baking Soda for Fighting Cancer?

You can prepare your own natural baking soda cancer treatment at home using baking soda, honey/molasses/maple syrup.

Dr. Sircus, in his book, recorded how a patient used baking soda and molasses (blackstrap) for fighting his prostate cancer that had already metastasized into the bones.

His treatment was as following:

– 1 tsp of baking soda was mixed with 1 tsp of molasses and 1 cup water.

– He followed this treatment for total 4 days (his saliva’s pH level turned to 7.0 and urine’s pH to 7.5).

– On the 5th day, the patient drank the solution twice.

– From the 6th to 10th day he increased the dosage of baking soda and molasses to 2 tsp each and continued with the twice-daily routine.

– On the 10th day of treatment, his pH level had increased to 8.5 (he reported side effects in the form of night sweat and headache, just like in the case of cesium therapy).

– On the 11th day, he went for a bone scan and a few other medical tests.

Doctors found that his prostate specific antigen (PSA) level came down from 22.3 (during initial diagnosis) to just 0.1 after this baking soda treatment. PSA is the protein that helps determine how sever prostate cancer and enlargement are.

There is another natural baking soda cancer remedy that suggests using 30 tsp of baking soda and 90 tsp of maple syrup.

In this treatment, the maple syrup has to be heated to reduce its viscosity. Add the baking soda and stir for 5 minutes so that it gets dissolved.

This amount of ingredients will give you around 10 days of anti-cancer remedy. It is recommended to take 5 to 7 tsp of the remedy per day.

You should be careful when using baking soda remedy for treating your cancer. The reason is that it will increase your pH levels and you shouldn’t allow it to be too high. It could result in conditions like electrolyte imbalance and metabolic alkalosis. They can further cause edema and even have adverse effects on blood pressure and heart.

If you want to use pH medicine for your own or your loved one’s treatment, you don’t have to be a doctor. In fact, everyone who practices the healing arts and all parents should know how to use baking soda. As you age, your body will start suffering from bicarbonate deficiency. So it is important to know the big health benefits of baking soda.



Source: Prevent Disease

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