Salt And Oil: Medicinal Mixture … After Its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years



Are you suffering from osteoporosis or Osteochondrosis? Here is a natural remedy that has always been in there in your kitchen that can give you relief from the pain. It will also prevent the pain from returning for the long term.

You will need just salt and vegetable oil to prepare this message remedy. Make sure the oil is unrefined and sea salt is a good option for the salt.

This preparation of the medicinal remedy is for the entire duration of the course. The ingredients required are as following:

– Olive / sunflower oil – 20 tbsp

– Salt – 10 tbsp

Mix these ingredients for Osteochondrosis treatment. Mix them in a glass bottle and close it for several days. After some days you will notice that it has turned into a light-colored mixture.

How to Apply?

Rub the mixture vigorously on the paining area every day when you wake up. It should especially be massaged on the cervical vertebrae. Start the message with 2 to 3 minutes of application. Give a gap before massaging for another 2 to 3 minutes. Increase the massage time gradually to 20 minutes. Then wipe off the mixture from the area using a warm and wet towel.

You may feel some irritation on the skin when massaging. If this happens, use a dry cloth to wipe the skin and then dust over some baby powder.

When you use this treatment for 10 days, it will help boost your blood flow and improve the regeneration of muscle, bone and cartilage. It will take at least 8 treatments before you start seeing some positive changes.

It will reinstate your blood circulation within the cervical spine. Further, your vision will improve and the headache will vanish. This happens because it will release toxins from your body, causing normalization of metabolism.

Because of this natural treatment, you may feel a little drowsy at times. It is all part of the cleansing procedure and happens just a few times. Treating your osteochondrosis using this natural method will not involve any side effects. And it gives you amazing results!



Source: Healthy Life Tricks